MCL is a portable utility library of C++ classes and templates. It compiles in Win32 and Linux with Microsoft Visual C++, Intel Compiler 6 and 7 (win32 and linux), Borland C++ Builder 5.5, GCC  (linux and win32-mingw).


  • Linear space and time balanced binary search trees
  • Very fast and efficient inlined templates for doubly-linked lists, stacks and queues
  • BLOWFISH encryption
  • MD5 digest algorithm
  • Fast numerical and boolean expression evaluator that supports memory storage (variables)
  • Text tokenizer (can be used also as an .INI creator and reader)
  • Character string translation utility functions for Greek code-pages 737, 869, 1253, ISO 8859-7 and latin-greek
  • Hex string to unsigned short, unsigned int and unsigned long conversion
  • Date/time manipulation and string formatting, eastern calculation, etc


Version 1.1 – fixed a bug in to_unaccent function (stri18n.h)
mcl.tgz Source code in gzipped tar file.

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