Welcome to Areta's Website!

My name is Areti Kaptan and I was born in Istanbul where I lived the first five years of my life. From there, my family and I moved to Thessaloniki where we've been living until now. My education started at the Greek kindergarten of Galata in Istanbul and continued at the 87th Junior School and the 14th High School in Thessaloniki. Meanwhile I was spending my free time studying for the English Language Certificate and swimming at the Aris Fin Swimming Team. In 1993, I won the copper medal at the World Championship of Fin Swimming at Lyon, France and a year later I made it into the University of Macedonia. In 1998, I graduated the department of Applied Informatics. The same year my research proposal -with subject "Animation of Parallel and Distributed Systems: Integrated Parallel and Distributed Systems' Simulation Environment for the application of Visualization Techniques on Teaching Parallel Programming" and supervisor teacher K.G. Margaritis- was accepted by the department of Applied Informatics. Parallel to my doctoral dissertation I've been working as a computer science teacher in the public and private sector. In 2000, I took part at the written contest of ASEP for computer science teachers where I succeeded and a year later I was assigned as a teacher in the secondary education of public sector. On October 2007 I supported my PhD dissertation successfully and was acclaimed a Doctor of Philosophy in the Department of Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia.

Currently, I'm working as a computer science teacher at the 1st Unified Upper Secondary School (Geniko Lykeio) of Sykies Thessaloniki.