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Child safety

Child Safety Policies for this website in detail according the US and EU regulations.


This policy was written to demonstrate the strong commitment of This website to child safety and establishing and maintaining a child safe and child friendly environment.


This policy reflects our commitment to provide a safe environment where every person has the right to be treated with respect and is safe and protected from harm.

It complies with our obligations under the Children’s Protection Act 1993, including:


Section 8B – 8D – Child safe environments and criminal history assessments for people working with children; and


Section 11 – Mandatory reporting.

It also complies with the Child safe environments: Principles of good practice and Child safe environments: Standards for dealing with information obtained about the criminal history of employees and volunteers who work with children issued by the Chief Executive of the Department for Education and Child Development.


This policy, from the date of endorsement, applies to all persons working within this ΣΤΕΡΓΙΟΣ services – Apofraxeis athinasincluding:


employees (permanent and casual)








work experience students


any other individual involved in this Practice


indirect service providers

Note:  In this policy, the term “employee” is intended to cover all persons occupying any position listed above.

Commitment to child safety

This website is committed to the safety and well-being of all children and young people accessing our services and the welfare of the children and young people in our care will always be our first priority.

All children and young people who visit This website have a right to feel and be safe.  Everyone within our website has a role to play in ensuring a safe environment for children and young people.  This includes management, employees and volunteers working with children and young people or in close proximity to them and employees with access to the records of children and young people.

We have appointed a child safety officer as a first point of contact to provide advice and support to employees, volunteers, patients, children, young people, parents and caregivers regarding the safety and well-being of children and young people accessing our This website. The child safety officer is also responsible for monitoring our child safety policy and practices, including our ongoing training needs relating to child protection issues. (note:  the appointment of a child safety officer is provided as an example only and is not a mandatory requirement for your child safe policy).

This policy was developed in collaboration with management and employees of this website.

Children’s participation

This website encourages and respects the views of children and young people who access our services.  We listen to and act upon any concerns that children, young people or their families raise with us.  We ensure that children, young people and their families know their rights and how to access the complaints procedures available to them.

We provide clear age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate explanations to children and young people and allow for questions during consultation and treatment.  We involve children and young people in decision-making as appropriate.

We value diversity and do not tolerate any discriminatory practices.

Recruitment practices

This website takes all reasonable steps to ensure that it engages the most suitable and appropriate people to work with children.   We employ a range of screening measures and apply best practice standards in the screening and recruitment of employees and volunteers.  We interview and conduct referee checks on all employees.

We conduct criminal history assessment for people working with children, as set out in Section 8B of the Children’s Protection Act 1993.  Criminal history assessments are required for anyone within our website that:

has regular contact with children and is not directly supervised at all times; works in close proximity to children on a regular basis and is not directly supervised at all times; or supervises or manages persons who:


have regular contact with children or


work in close proximity to children on a regular basis; or


has access to health records relating to children or young people.

Exemptions from this requirement may apply in some circumstances.

We ensure that criminal history information is dealt with in accordance with the Standards developed by the Chief Executive of the Department for Education and Child Development.

Code of Conduct

Everyone covered by the scope of this policy is aware of, and must abide by, our code of conduct.  Our code of conduct was developed in collaboration with all our employees.

Support for employees and volunteers

This website seeks to attract and retain the best employees and volunteers.  We provide support and supervision so people feel valued, respected and fairly treated.  We ensure that employees who work with children have ongoing supervision, support and training so that their performance is developed and enhanced to promote the establishment and maintenance of a child safe environment.

Strategies we have implemented include:


All new employees undergo induction and receive a copy of our child safe policy and code of conduct.


All employees receive regular supervision sessions that include a focus on ongoing learning about child protection and other matters that affect children and young people.


From time to time, employees working regularly with children and young people are provided opportunities to attend training sessions about their mandatory notification obligations.


A child safety officer has been appointed as a first point of contact for all child protection matters.


Reporting and responding to suspected child abuse and neglect
Making appropriate reports of abuse or neglect This website will not tolerate incidents of child abuse.

From time to time we provide opportunities for employees and volunteers to attend information sessions about these mandatory reporting obligations.  (Note:  offering formal mandatory notification training to staff and volunteers is not a legal requirement.)  We also ensure that employees and volunteers have access to relevant information resources available from the Department for Education and Child Development, including:


Child safe environments: Guidelines for mandated notifiers and information for organisations (available to view or download from


Department for Education and Child Development’s reporting child abuse website:

We ensure that support is also available for the employee making the report, particularly where an ongoing service is provided to the child, young person and their family.

Supporting children, young people and their families

Child protection is everyone’s responsibility.  This website recognises that even where a report is made, we may still have a role in supporting the child or young person.  This support may include:


Referring the child, young person or their family to other appropriate services


Displaying information in our waiting area about other relevant services that may help, and


Ensuring that the child or young person’s medical needs continue to be met following the making of a report

Dealing with reports or concerns relating to the actions of an employee of our website

In addition to making a report to the Child Abuse Report Line, employees must also report to management any reasonable suspicion that a child has been, or is being, abused or neglected by another employee.  Employees of this website have a duty of care to report any concerns about the behaviour of another employee to management even if they are not mandated notifiers under the Children’s Protection Act 1993.

In response to any report to management concerning an employee of this practice, management may determine to take disciplinary action against the employee and take other protective actions to ensure the safety of children and young people within our website.

Other protective actions may also be introduced to ensure the safety of children and young people within our website.

10 Strategies to minimise risk

This Seo Experts website takes steps to minimise the risks to children due to the actions or omissions of employees, contractors or other people within our website.    We review our risks regularly to address any new or emerging risks in order to maintain a safe environment for children.

Strategies we have implemented to minimise and control risks to children and young people include:


High risk situations are addressed in our code of conduct


All employees are required to abide by our child safe policy


Employees are aware of and are responsive to the particular needs and vulnerabilities of children and young people (such as age, language barriers, developmental capabilities, disability, mental health, trauma or abuse)


All patients and caregivers are made aware that young children entering This website must be supervised at all times.  Where a child or young person is unaccompanied by a parent or caregiver, the practitioner will consider whether a chaperone is required


Employees provide clear age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate explanations to children and young people about the consultation and allow for questions prior to examination


Where treatment requires physical contact, employees will first seek the consent of the child, young person and their parents (where applicable)


Employees confirm the identity of any child receiving treatment at this  website


We respond to any concerns that children, or their families or carers raise with us quickly and fairly


We ensure a physically and socially safe environment, for children and young people, that is free of any identifiable hazards.


Evaluation of these strategies and the development of additional strategies, to minimise and control risks to children and young people, occur as part of our ongoing risk management process.


This website opposes all forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying.  We take this issue seriously and encourage anyone who believes that they, or another person, has been harassed, discriminated against or bullied to raise this issue with This website or management.


This website will ensure that everyone to whom this policy applies is aware of and has had an opportunity to read the policy.

We also ask employees to sign a written statement indicating that they have read and will abide by our child-safe policy.  We retain a copy of all signed statements.


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Ιδιωτικά ασθενοφόρα από την athens ambulance, τη μία από τις δύο (2) νόμιμες ελληνικές εταιρείες, οι οποίες διαθέτουν ιδιωτικά ασθενοφόρα στο κοινό. 

Η athens ambulance είναι εταιρεία που προσφέρει αδιαλλείπτως επί 24ώρου βάσης άμεση βοήθεια με ασθενοφόρο. Κάθε ασθενοφόρο έχει νοσηλευτικό συνοδευτικό προσωπικό, διότι η υγεία του ασθενούς αξίζει να αντιμετωπίζεται ως ένα υπέρτατο αγαθό


Εκτός των άλλων παρέχει αεροδιακομιδές υψηλής προστιθέμενης αξίας, ώστε να σώζουν ζωές.


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Εργαστήριο Λιμενικών Έργων

Seo ιστοσελίδας για το εργαστήριο Λιμενικών Έργων (ΕΛΕ) του Εθνικού Μοτσοβίου Πολυτεχνείου (ΕΜΠ). Σε αυτή τη δουλειά έγινε τόσο σχεδιασμός όσο και προώθηση στις μηχανές αναζήτησης...


Άγιο Όρος

Προγραμματίστε το οδοιπορικό σας προς τις ιερές μονές αγίου όρους με στοιχεία καθημερινά και πλήρως επικαιροποιημένα για τον καιρό στο Άγιο Όρος, για το διαμονητήριό σας, τα τηλέφωνα Αγίου Όρους και όλα όσα εκεί θα συναντήσετε.



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