"Brothers, i want you not to sin sexually; because every other sin is doing harm outside one's body, but sexual sin is causing harm to one's own body; and this body (don't you know it?) it is a temple of the Holy Spirit residing in you; God will destroy the person who destroys this temple. (Paul the Apostle).


Γίνε οπαδός της ζωής, πάψε νά’σαι οπαδός του θανάτου

κι όσα για μάς ο εχθρός ετοιμάζει ας του μείνουν δικάτου.

(the above two lines are a poem of mine)

(commentary added later, is highlighted in yellow)

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For those who wish to do it the right way but don’t know how, I wish to share what life has taught me. A man is an image of God although he carries stains of misdeeds. The way in everything is to enjoy the rose without being pricked by the thorn, eat the prickly pear but not get nasty prickles in your hands. The ancient story of Daedalos and Ikaros shows the right way in everything. Daedalos was a great inventor; he made wings for himself and his son, Ikaros, to fly away from their prison; so they did escape; but Ikaros, being young, forgot his father’s advice to fly not too high; the joy of flying made him fly too high, so he approached the sun so much that the heat smelted a sort of waxy glue used to hold their wings together, so he fell and drowned in the sea. So every person has to choose among avoiding flight, fly too high and die, or fly at the right altitude and enjoy life. To become a perfect human one should purify the function of the 3 insticts, which are eating, sex, and sleep. It is only these three things that can enhance life or destroy life. Eating is rectified when a person eats only after sacrificing even a small part of his food to God, by giving it to fire or at least consecrating it by invocation of God. Sleep is set right when you sleep or do nothing after 8 p.m. and get up always before sunrise. It is alright to be awake from 11 p.m. to 01 a.m. (midnight to 02 p.m. daylight saving time) to control your sexual power during that time. Sex is perfect when you make love and satisfy a woman without ejaculating your seed. Lots of men want just to ejaculate late, delay but not cancel their ejaculation. Well, those too should work the same way as for aiming to no ejaculation at all. Such work is the main subject of this open letter. So, what is to be done when one wants to make love with no ejaculation or no quick ejaculation of the male fluid? All that I can answer is as follows:


I said "for those who WISH...". If you do not care to control your potency and improve your ability, do not read this. If you read it though, you must read the whole of it; do not make any judgement before you read the whole of this page.


1. Fix your purpose. The real purpose is not to ejaculate at all, even though just delaying the ejaculation is also (from some point of view) good. It must be clear that no ejaculating will bring everything good to you, while ejaculating is the source of all evil. There is no biological necessity. There is now a species of man ejaculating hardly after inserting the penis; this is natural. There is another species ejaculating after one hour of pushing into the woman; this is also natural; (those people can easily make love with no seminal emission, but they don't know that this is the purpose). And we all can turn into a new species of true men ejaculating only when necessary to create offspring. =this is also natural, as it is natural for children not to ejaculate, but use their life force for growing up. Animals ejaculate semen for procreation: this is natural; people ejaculate just to please themselves: this is NOT natural; in nature, ejaculation is for procreation, and not for having a "good" time; to make love for realising in joy the union of male with female is most sanctified, but not in the same way as animal procreation which by abuse is self destruction. Boys under 12 or so can always have an orgasm without seminal emission, and non emission leads to growing, while emission leads to withering, loss of life energy (with all consequences) and in other words death. So say to yourself you only do what is biologically natural and good (for growing, not for drying up). Actually, "where there is a will, there are forty ways; you WILL find a way; but you must have the will.

In this context, the luckiest people are the p.e. (premature ejaculators), because they have been forced to know that ejaculation is nothing desirable, and they are forced to find (mostly non-surgical) ways to prolong their erection and delay or cancel ejaculation.  


2. Wipe out your debt. Everyone has a debt to death because of doing wrong things. When you have a debt, it will work towards premature ejaculation so you pay by your life force for your wrongdoings. It is necessary to eat no hideous things, eat no meat on days prehibited by the wise people of older times. In this era, it is best to be vegetarian, yet if that is too hard for you: Eat meat (preferably seafood) on days permitted only in order to replenish the life force you have lost through ejaculation, and then eat it only after you have first offered some to fire on the right day and outside prohibited hours. Never eat dairy food together with meat. If you consume dairy products, show your gratitude by protecting the milk giving animals, especially cows, and not causing them to be killed. Meat must never meet dairy food in your intestines. Avoid combining starch with animal protein. The most important rule is to control meat eating, but it is also good to follow the directions of the ancients concerning the right time for doing each task. For example, on Wednesdays and Fridays it is harmful to cut your hair, shave, or clip your fingernails; on Tuedays it is unwise to start a new work; do not wed on a Wednesday. By respecting the ancestors’ instructions, you eliminate your debt, so evil forces will not be justified to work against you while lovemaking or anything.

3. Clear out the enemy in your own body, that is the frenulum; HOLD ON! all men would say that the prepuce frenulum is the trigger to ejaculation, but this is NOT PRECISELY so; IN FACT, the frenular delta is the real residence of the enemy. The frenulum band (yellow in the following picture) should be PRESERVED. I copy from: http://www.circumstitions.com/Glossary.html :

frenular delta
A triangular area of mucosa under the penis whose apex is the frenulum, whose sides are the ridged band and whose base is the junction between the inner and outer zones of the foreskin (the transition zone). A highly erogenous area, often completely ablated (destroyed) by circumcision. Described by Ken McGrath and announced at the Sixth International Symposium on Genital Integrity, Sydney, 9 December 2000.

Delta is the name of the Greek letter Δ, corresponding to latin D; because of the shape, delta can refer to any triangle found in nature, as the outlet of a river for example; the FRENULAR DELTA, or FRENULAR TRIANGLE, is richly supplied in blood and in nerves specialized in detecting the compressing and stretching caused by inserting the penis.

In the following picture, the frenular delta (Δ) is delineated in white. I shall further discuss it in relation to circumcision practices.

The animal function of the frenulum (i mean, the frenular delta) is that it is pulled back by the insertion of the penis into a cavity. The pulling (repeated pulling, so including pushing) of frenulum (i mean, the frenular delta) sends a message to your brain that your penis has gone deep into a female’s genitals which is enough for the animal brain to trigger ejaculation, because this is the animal purpose of getting the penis into a female’s genital. That is well known by all those who do have a frenulum (i mean, a frenular delta). That is the reason why the ancient people on all continents wanted to destroy the frenulum (but especially the frenular delta) and their way to it was to cut out the whole foreskin. This tradition has prevailed in all English-spoken countries, but circumcision is a corrupted primitive habit that civilised people should avoid. (Especially infant circumcision is a most insulting violation of the most essential human rights). The fact that lots of men are born with a narrow and non-elastic foreskin is due to their circumcision in their previous life. When you live without a limb, it does not dictate that you shall be reborn with that limb missing. Nature does its best to make a body as complete as possible, so it is only if you have lost your arm, for instance, at a very early age, that you are born with a really smaller (atrophic) arm, still you have two arms. In the same way, if you are cirmumcised when you are baby, you shall still have a prepuce in your next life, but then your prepuce will not be broad and supple enough, instead it will bleed when handling it somewhat hard in a job where the glans should normally be exposed. So circumcision (in its most common forms) is really not good. The right thing to do is to remove the frenulum frenular delta only, and not the whole prepuce. Also, it will work quite good if the frenulum frenular delta is only detached all along its connection with the body (shaft) of penis. So, considering that the frenulum frenular delta is the root of all evil, you should ask a doctor to remove your frenulum frenular delta or detach the whole length of it from the main body (shaft) of penis. This should be an easy operation; it only takes to know what to remove and why. The real purpose of circumcision has been solely to desensitize the frenular delta. But nowadays doctors and other people make believe that the purpose is to have a clean penis! This is ridiculous, like saying that because the armpit is always smelly, we should remove the arm! An intact penis will always be the cleanest part of a man's body if he takes one minute to rinse it or wipe it every time he goes to the toilet. I do not suggest that you do that operation with your own hand if you are not a surgeon; to suffer the pain will be good to you, because by pain you pay for all injuries you have done to other creatures, so you clear your debt; to bleed is good on most days if the blood goes not into putrid matter, for it is a sacrifice to God; but it may be too much bleeding unchecked, with unpredictable results. So, do not do it on yourself, ask a doctor to do it. Well then, doctors are pretty high in human society, and the higher a person is socially, the less righteous he / she is, so it is most probable that all doctors will refuse to do a good act, such as removing or detaching a frenulum frenular delta. So, if you have to live with a frenulum frenular delta, know it to be your worst enemy and do everything to be stronger than this enemy. Consider it as the resistance necessary to make you stronger and stronger.

There is an Ottoman proverb "PiRE iXiN JORGAN JAQMAQ" (pire için yorgan yakmak) = "to burn a whole quilt in order to get rid of a flea". This is how circumcision works: it destroys the whole prepuce in order to get rid of a very small Δ (delta). Islamic circumcision usually achieves the purpose to a degree that satisfies the people: children are circumcised at an age between 8 and 12, so the prepuce is grown enough to see what is being cut out, the frenulum band is usually retained as it should be, and most if not all of the frenular delta is removed. The men of the Islamic minority in Greece boast that they fuck quite better than their Christian (uncircumcised) fellow citizens. Jewish (and American, and all English speaking countries) circumcision is performed to infants so it is unpredictable what the penis will grow up to be. Very often, such circumcision results in preventing premature ejaculation, but not always, as the amount and shape of skin removed varies. Often it has adverse effects. Aboriginal Australian circumcision was usually followed by subincision, with the obvious purpose to kill the sensitivity on the underside of glans, which sensitivity, i say, is good if not connected with the frenular delta; although i have not heard of any Aboriginal Australian who had any problem at intercourse due to circumcision or subincision, i definitely say: DON'T DO THAT! DON'T SUBINCISE! People often inflict so bad wounds to themselves  that even their enemy could not inflict to them.

Even when circumcision is successful in preventing premature ejaculation, still this makes the man satisfied with an intercourse of maybe 20 or 30 minutes followed by an ejaculation, which is still ruinous for the man, the more so because he then tends to ejaculate every day or quite often. So he does not do or learn anything for making love with no ejaculation, or ejaculation a few times per month. This is like the cow giving a big bucketful of milk every time but then kicks the bucket and spills the milk. Ancient Greeks were familiar with circumcision of the Egyptians (and other nations who adopted it from the Egyptians, as Herodotus informs); still the Greeks thought the circumcised penis to be very ugly (on vase paintings, only Satyrs and Egyptians are depicted with an uncovered glans). It is QUITE NON GREEK to say that circumcision is good or bad: the Greek civilisation never regarded things as "black or white", totally good or totally bad; instead, the Greeks were always open to cultural elements of other nations so as to elaborate those elements up to perfection; this is the preciousness of Greek civilisation. In the case of circumcision, however, the Greek culture has not offered any improvement; the reasons are:

a) woman was very little esteemed in ancient Greek society and culture, so ancient Greeks were not so excited by the presence of a woman so as to quickly ejaculate; so they were not much motivated to find a remedy for premature ejaculation.

b) during Hellenistic times, in close contact with Egyptians and other oriental nations, the Greeks probably learned and improved ingenious techniques for operating and generally for controlling the penis, but those techniques were forgotten later.

c) in later times women became really precious in Greece, so p.e. became common, but then circumcision was associated (or rather identified) with Judaism, so the Christians sought to differentiate themselves from Jews by avoiding circumcision (and the observing of Sabbath on Saturday), and the Christian Church condemned those things without thinking about possible benefits.

Nowadays the whole Greek nation has become weak in all aspects, and it is really time they examined the moral causes of this weakness, the most important causes being: the most hideous ungodly killing of animals for meat which they eat together with dairy products, and going without any operation on the prepuce. If our ancestors researched for a method to make men strong and really hard to ejaculate, they would define some simple yet precise operation that would permanently desensitise the frenular delta.


1) Surgically remove the frenular delta;

2) Without removing any skin (or after a minimal circumcision of skin to cure phimosis etc.), make 3 deep incisions horizontally, without suturing, only cauterization to stop bleeding; after these 3 incisions scar over, then make another vertical incision, again with no suturing, so as the 4 incisions make a shape (it coincides with the Chinese character for "king / sovereign"). So, without removing any skin (unless in case of some really anomalous condition as e.g. phimosis, paraphimosis) the 4 incisions, as shown here in white color, interrupt the way of the nerves that would send the message to the brain for ejaculation. It is like telephone lines cut at many points: they remain in their place, but since they are cut, they cannot convey any signal.

3) I have another idea, that has to be put to test: instead of the 4 incisions described above, it may be really better to do only one crosswise cut on the underside of the foreskin near the frenulum, but this one cut should be through to the other side of skin, and not halfway in depth at the 4 incisions previously described. To do such a cut, the underside of prepuce should be stretched out forwards, upon some wooden or other analogous surface (serving as "anvil"); then the doctor places a pointed knife downward on the point of the intended cut, next to the frenulum; then "hammers" the knife down into the wood ("anvil") until the skin has a cut 1 centimetre or 12 millimetres wide; then cauterization should stop the bleeding, and the wound left to heal without suturing, so that the severed nerves may not reconnect. While no skin is removed, this is like creating a crosswise buttonhole on the underside of prepuce, so that the sensations of the frenular delta are cut off and not transmitted to the penis or to the brain.


Cut through along the middle of the whole frenular delta (black straight line in the picture), cauterize to stop the bleeding, and then leave the wound to heal without suturing. Apply turmeric powder to accelerate healing.

Completely cutting through the skin along the black line (green area in the picture) means that the corresponding equal length of skin (in the blue area of the picture) will also be cut. However, it can be only an incision (in the green area) and not necessarily a cut through the whole thickness of the skin (so including the blue area - this is of course more drastical and more sure to completely desensitize along the black line).

Today we know that that the ancients' way to remove the frenular delta was circumcision, but i think we do not know well enough. In fact the ancients knew fine operations to remove or desensitise a frenular delta without circumcision, with minimal or no bleeding. In a Hindu yoga treatise, the "gheraNDa saMhita", a process to cut the tongue frenulum is described: "make a notch as deep as a hair's width (less than a millimetre) where the frenulum is joined to the body, then apply some astringent antiseptic on the notch to quickly heal it; when it heals, notch again by less than a millimetre and let it heal; continue so, until the whole frenulum is detached". In my opinion, this technique was probably used to detach or cut the penis' frenular delta; later it was applied for the tongue frenulum, WRONGLY, because the tongue frenulum is necessary and must NEVER be harmed. The penis frenular delta is necessary to be removed or permanently desensitized, unless you can be really stronger than its impulses. By this gradual, practically bloodless technique, it is also possible to make the crosswise "buttonhole" cut in the underside of foreskin.


a. the sensitivity of LIFE; seated mainly in the penis head.

b. the sensitivity of DEATH; seated mainly in the frenular delta;

c. the sensitivity of POWER; seated mainly in the penis ventral "cylinder" which extends from the anus up to the under side of the penis head. Compressing the penis acts on the ventral "cylinder" to arouse power, i.e. erection. But also the frenulum band (without the frenular delta) pulls on the underside of glans, so strengthening erection which controls and overcomes the urge to ejaculate. So the pulling of frenulum is really most desirable, therefore the upper frenulum should be preserved while the frenular delta should be excised or neutralized.

4. Strengthen your body and character. Find a way to change all habits that make you weak. It is absolutely essential to get up always before sunrise, this will strengthen your erection amazingly. If you use to get up after sunrise, your erection will be so weak that quick ejaculation will be certain.

Another way to be stronger and healthier is to use no warm water for bath or shower: use water at natural temperature; this will give you many benefits. If you are ill, use water at 30 to 37 degrees Celsius, but no warmer. Cold water may feel repulsive, but if you shower from the feet up to the armpits, then from the genitals up to the heart and face, then from the lower back up to the shoulders, you shall find you are strong enough for using cold water, and you will eventually enjoy it.

5. Strong erection is the most important power against ejaculating. Do not try to avoid ejaculation; instead, do your best to erect your organ as much as possible. Exert all muscles that you voluntarily use to strengthen an erection. Strengthen your erection by all natural kinds of exercise, learn to stiffen your organ without touching it, use no chemical drugs, but jinseng (人参) and ba-ji-tian (巴卓天, sometimes 巴棹天) herbs can really help. Everytime you feel a tendency to ejaculate, strengthen your erection as much as possible, even by pressing on your organ with your fingers. It is quite easy to find out that (moderately) compressing your penis on its underside, all along from the glans down to its base, including the swelling part between the testicles near the anus, pressing there makes the penis instantly harden, and hardening of the penis is the force against ejaculating. So you may use that compressing to stiffen the penis when you need to hold over ejaculation, or when just exercising to make it stronger. Some of you may recall the Hindu story of lord Shiwa who drank up poison to save the mankind; then the lord’s wife Parwatii clamped his neck so as to block his throat and he could not swallow the poison. In fact, this clamping lord Shiwa’s neck symbolises clamping the penis neck, that is the area under the glans, under the penis head, which (by strengthening erection) results in overcoming the “poison” which is the urge to ejaculate.

It is analogous to eating hot pepper: according to the Chinese tradition, there are 5 stages: first, you are afraid of the hot taste; second, you dare it and you feel burned at the tongue; third, you gradually get used to it, so you can tolerate it; fourth, you get used to it so much that you like and enjoy it; fifth, you like the peppery taste so much that you want more hot taste; you complain that your food is not pungent enough. In terms of sexual sensation now, to avoid the frenular delta urge to ejaculate, you can simply avoid pulling and pushing the skin with the frenular delta; BUT ALSO you can keep arousing the frenular delta so often and for so long time (still with no ejaculation), that you get used to its urges so you are no more impressed, then you become stronger than those urges.

Exercise to strengthen your erection is not masturbation; by falling again and again you shall not learn how NOT to fall. Correct exercise is to cause your penis to erect and then control your erection so it start to subside; again and again strengthen the erection, but if you feel a suspicion that you may ejaculate, immediately strengthen the erection as much as possible, breathe out, pull in your abdomen, hold your breath, control breathing, turn your eyes up as high as you can, gently (but firmly or repeatedly) press on the penis to transform the "melting" urge into erection, do everything to cancel the urge to ejaculate, rub the glans (but not the frenular delta) to uplift the sexual energy, and continue your exercise for as long as practicable.

Practice makes perfect. Although i have prematurely ejaculated many times by interaction with women, yet i can wank for hours, really for unlimited time, without any ejaculating: this is especially achieved by keeping the abdomen pulled in tightly. Such exercise really proves the frenular delta urge quite weak and controllable. This in turn can give the confidence necessary to control the penis during real intercourse.

When i wrote the above i didn't know about this site: http://www.opentcm.com/Article956.html about ba-ji-tian and other herbs.

It is time for some theory:

6. A most important must is to keep your abdomen pulled in all through a sexual act. You will hardly believe how this makes you so stronger that you hardly feel anything like a tendency to ejaculate as long as you keep your abdomen pulled in.

7. Breathe the right way always, but especially during a sexual act. Your inhaling must be deep, but still your abdomen pulled in while using your penis. Breathe in slowly (or quickly, if is helps you better) and deeply as much as possible, then keep the air inside for as long as comfortable, then exhale as long as possible. It is a helpful hint to take a short breath every time you push your organ into the female cavity, so you add air in your lungs with every stroke into the woman, until you cannot fill your lungs any more. Then hold your breath for as long as practicable, then exhale. If you cannot hold your breath, at least make sure that your inhaling takes twice as much time than your exhaling. When thinking the saawitrii, OOOM VUR VY!WA: SYwA!: ) TA!T SAWITY!R WA!RE,NIjAM) VA!RGO DEWA!SJA DhIIMAHI) DhI!JO JO! NA: PRAKODA!JAAT)) should take the time of an inhalation, then OOOM VUR VY!WA: SYwA!: ) TA!T SAWITY!R WA!RE,NIjAM) should take the time of holding your breath after inhalation, and VA!RGO DEWA!SJA DhIIMAHI) DhI!JO JO! NA: PRAKODA!JAAT)) should take the time of exhalation; this measuring is comfortable for an average person. Your eyes, shut or wide open, must be turned upward as much as possible, and your tongue kept touching the ceiling of your mouth.

If you can, do "khecari mudra" (QhEKARI MYDRA) during coitus or exercise. It is stated in the yoga scriptures that by doing "khecari mudra" the semen will not go out, and even if it started going out of the body, it will come back in again! This is rather theoretical: i have never met a person who can do "khecari mudra", although it ought to be easy: all it takes is a long and flexible tongue to go back behind the uvula into the cavity behind and touch its "roof". Some people can reach with the tongue the tip of their nose and lick it: if you have such a long and flexible tongue, you may try to do "khecari mudra", but NEVER do any cut or harm to your tongue or the tongue's fraenulum; and, take care that you do not block your wind pipe, or you shall choke yourself! it is easier to choke than to do correct "khecari mudra"! If you succeed, however, please e-mail me to let me know whether it really helped you to reverse ejaculation of semen.

8. You must not inhale through the left nostril while the right nostril is blocked; if the right nostril is blocked, it it better to inhale through your mouth. Breathing through the mouth instead of nose will be shown to be for many people a powerful trick to put off ejaculation.


The reason for this, is that by inhaling through the left nostril the body is filled with TAMAS. "Tamo-guna" is destructive, so it quickens seminal emission. If you breathe through both nostrils equally, you are filled by SATTWA, this is good. If your right nostril is blocked or narrowed during coitus, block your left nostril; i suppose you cannot use your finger to block a nostril at such time, but then you must have put a piece of cotton wool in your left nostril so it can take almost no air. If you breathe with only your RIGHT nostril during coitus, it is alright: this will temporarily increase the "rajo-guna", but the "rajo-guna" is helpful in controlling ejaculation - the "rajo-guna" is generally the controlling and checking element.

9. The best mantra to repeat mentally while actively using your penis, is the saawitrii, which was recounted above. The saawitrii has countless meanings, but one very important interpretation in this context is that DhIIMAHI (which normally means “we meditate”) stands for “we realize (the light of God, by joining female with male)”. If you do not know the correct vedic sanskrt pronunciation of the saawitrii (which is practically the case always), at least learn and repeat mentally the word WA!RE,NIjAM only, placing OM in between every 4 times WA!RE,NIjAM (व॑रेणियं).

Actually, the saawitrii is the "passé-partout"; any other mantra may be good for you or not; depends on who you are and what you want; only the saawitrii is sure to be salutary for all people, no matter who you are, what you believe or what you are after; and it is for absolutely all purposes. 

10. Worship the only true God only, which is Mahaawi,sny ("MahAviSNu") of Hindus, the same as the Christian God, the same as Ahuramazda of the Persians. Do not worship deities which oppose the law of God. Such deities or superhuman powers may appear omnipotent to men, but there is only one omnipotent, uncreated being, out of which every power good or bad has been created. The only true God has actually created nothing evil, but some powerful entities chose to do evil deeds and oppose their creator, just as a child may oppose his father or a student may disobey the teacher. There is nothing more precious than life, and intended for life there is nothing more precious than the sexual power. When sexual power turns into ejaculated sperm or periods blood, then it is the evil daemons’ most invigorating and empowering food, so such matter is teeming with evil spirits, it should by all means be prevented from decay. If you do anything to encourage such evil spirits, they will take every chance to cause premature ejaculation to the extent of ruining you. So you must keep off any act of knowingly or unknowingly worship any power other than the Supreme, the only true God. Especially make sure that you use no repeated mantra that contains the sound L in leading position, because the sound L is the one of deception which causes destruction through selfishness. Most importantly, the sound L is the one representing the deceitful pleasure that makes one feel that he is conquering death when actually he is only feeding death by his most vital substance; such is the nature of the urge to ejaculate, and it is represented by the sound L. If your surname’s last syllable contains an L, then I know you don’t care for all this I say here, because the pleasure of ejaculating is the highest value for you (so betraying that your interest in sex is for self pleasure, not for loving your partner). In case you still wish to control premature ejaculation though, then I advise that you go and change your surname and have one without an L, still better to avoid a P in your name too. (By the way, Islam religion uses invocations containing L all the time, so Islam is not really worship of the the Highest Spirit, in spite of the best intentions, rather it is worship of the sexual energy that turns into liquid mass, and likewise are numerous other religions).

What i say about the name sounds should not be taken as "black or white"; Some mantras and prayers of the only true God do contain the sound L, but not often nor in a leading position; On the other hand, all sounds and all numbers were created by God, even though the satanists favour certain sounds and numbers; this means that everything can be altered through the context; For example, the sound L in a name is modified if there is another consonant clustered with it; and if L is not followed by a vowel, it is like "breathless", lacking strength. It is not a dominant sound in a name if it is not in the last syllable. So we cannot say that P or L is absolutely an evil sound -anyway nothing is absolute in the world- but still it is a really dangerous sound; and you can observe those people who have a dominant L in their names, that they tend to be more slippery than others, and also too much driven by the impulse of the frenular delta, female or male. So, to change your name can some times be really helpful; and prefer the saawitrii to other mantras that may be not actually to worship the uncreated supreme Being.

Every time i had the opportunity to talk with Hindus, they say they are monotheists, i.e. they believe in one God only; they are rarely sincere in saying so. When they say that "mahAviSNu" is the only true God, "paraJjyoti", (the supreme light, uncreated light) "paramAtman" (supreme soul, present in every creature), and "paramapuruSa" (supreme personality), they are right, this is really the Christian Trinity in different words; and when they say that "Siva" and his consort are "demigods", termed by Christianity as "angels", doing nothing without permission of the only true God, then they are right. When they describe the "kaliyuga" as the most hideous age of immorality, they are right; they are also quite right when they say that "Kali", the personification of immorality, derives her power from immoral sex, animals killed without proper sacrifice, gambling, alcohol and intoxicants, and corruption through money. But in fact, Hindus do not usually work to stop the dominance of Kali, instead they worship Kali to get magical powers and benefits such as social position, money and sex. And when they give numbers of years for the ages of history, these numbers are only scientific fiction: they only give numbers in order to impress and to appear precise. About 30% of Hinduists worship openly and directly "Siva", who is "Kali"'s consort, but the worse thing is that most of the rest who are supposed to worship "Visnu", in practice they do nothing to stop the regime of immorality.

Now you can ask, how did "Siva" drink the poison to save the world, since his job is not to preserve, and when he is the consort of Kali personifying all wrongness. The answer is probably that he acted as a servant of God, or "Mahavisnu"; the very Christian devil was a good angel in the service of God; then he betrayed God and fights against the faithful to God with the weapon of deceit.

11. Make it “useless if stolen”. I suppose you are familiar with those little ink cases fastened to clothes at big stores, which must be removed using a special device, otherwise they cannot be removed unless badly staining the garment, so it is useless if you take it without giving it to the girl in the store to remove the ink holder in that special way. Those clothes are tagged “useless if stolen”. Now you make your vital substance “useless if stolen” in the form of ejaculated sperm. The evil spirits cause ejaculation in order to feast on sperm, mainly through decay. Decay, putrefaction, is the main way that the evil spirits are fed. If you prevent your ejaculated sperm from decay, then it will be almost useless for evil spirits, so they will not be very eager to steal it. (Well yes, still they want to steal it, so as to deprive you of life force, doing wrong makes them glad, but let us lessen the wrong they cause). What to do to prevent the ejaculated sperm from decay? By far the best is to burn it as sacrifice to the only true God. How can sperm be burnt? If ejaculation is unavoidable, do not ejaculate just anywhere, throw all sperm into absorbent paper (or other absorbent natural material, but make sure it is free of markings or letters). Suppose it is plain white kitchen roll; you ejaculated on there; then let it dry, without decaying. After it is dry, (dries quickly in warm weather) give it to fire (preferably of fragrant wood, such as of eucalyptus or conifers, but any fire will do, as long as it does not smell bad). Think of the saawitrii or recite the saawitrii when burning it, or at least think of the only true God. By the way, the famous “Hare Raama, Hare Qr,sna” mantra is ungodly in my opinion, because “Hare” is the locative case of Hara, who is lord Shiwa (usually referred to as "Siva"), a really powerful deity, but not the Supreme, the only true God who is Mahaawi,s,nu; so this mantra describes the Supreme God as subjugated to the deity of destruction, and therefore it is a most ungodly mantra (probably the most ungodly of all. Also, "hare" coincides with the vocative of "harA", another name of the famous "Kali" deity). If it were efficient for something good, then the world’s ungodliness would have shrunk to be minimal, with all those people around the globe devoted to that mantra; but what we see is that ungodliness of every form is only growing. Of course, “retaagnihotra” or sperm sacrifice by fire, like every other fire sacrifice, should be performed on the correct days only, and outside malignant hours. On days or hours improper for flesh sacrifice, no sperm should be sacrificed in any way. see http://users.sch.gr/ioakenanid/abstinencecalendar

12. If you have to use a condom on an uncircumcised penis, you may tape the prepuce up (with some medical tape or similar soft adhesive bandage) so that the prepuce cannot move (and the glans cannot be exposed) during thrusting into the lady. This seems maybe stupid, but when using a condom there is not much more you can do, after all a condom has already prevented your organ from touching the woman, so taping up will not deprive you of anything, while it will ensure that your frenulum is not moving during the act, so you will do it, satisfying the lady, without your loosing your life power. If you are weaker, your ejaculation will be triggered by the lady’s orgasm and not before; if you are stronger, you shall not ejaculate. So, you are on the right way.

(Medical tape can possibly help in many different ways, [for example, restricting the penis neck, or keeping the skin pulled back so it does not move back and forth] but do take good care not to do any harm to your organ).

13. Use it for soaring. Use your sexual energy for soaring like an eagle or like a sea gull. It is an amazing experience to lie on the beach and watch the seagulls soaring so high that you can hardly see them; then how amazing would it be to fly yourself that high! When you use your sexual power for soaring, it cannot be used for falling. Sexual enjoyment is basically of two kinds, I call them “north excitement” and “south excitement”. (see above the 3 kinds of sensitivity: sensitivity of life, sensitivity of death, and sensitivity of power). I remember a girl saying that the sound i (English “ee”) gives a strong feeling of sexual arousal, and her girl-friend agreed; Well, I think that the sound i (English “ee”) is connected to the frenulum frenular delta (or corresponding extension of frenulum  of clitoris) feeling, while the sound u (English “oo”) is connected to the arousal of erection, and the sound “a” (with mouth wide open) is connected to the experience of the spirit, the experience aroused by the glans, especially its front area; to this I refer as “north excitement”. (This seems to be the meaning of the 3 principal vowels: a, i, u, in reference to the sexual experience).
The south area of penis is under the glans, where it is joined to the frenulum. Stimulating  the frenular delta which is attached to that area causes the south excitement, which incites ejaculation. The north area of penis is the upper and especially front side of the glans. Stimulating that, the sexual energy soars up to awaken an experience of spirit, an experience of sky, something likened to pure white light, a marvellous experience that is not egotistic; rather, it is the joy of realizing a higher self, quite different than the sweetness of the south area which pleases and flatters the lowly ego. The north excitement is so powerful that causes the body to convulse and overcomes the frenulum-urge as the Sun makes the stars disappear, or as cold water quenching fire. So the north excitement cancels ejaculation so easily, while bathing you in the splendour of the life force. A man who pushes for long time into a woman and then he ejaculates, is just like one who milks a cow and then lets the cow kick the bucket full of her own milk spilling and wasting it all. How can the produced life energy be saved? The easiest way is this: Just by arousing the north excitement. A woman can perfectly do that to a man by rubbing his glans with her tongue without pulling or squeezing on the frenulum frenular delta. He then feels as soaring in the sky with no danger of falling, no urge to ejaculate. What should I say more? Just use it, by rubbing the glans while keeping the frenulum frenular delta unmoving; you may rub the glans with your hand if you have no better luck, or on your partner’s outer female genitals; in any case, (unless within a woman’s mouth) the glans must be lubricated, the best lubricants for this purpose are: watery clay of fine argilla verde or any clay of similar texture; aloe juice or gel; or just the female love - juice. When you manage to rouse the north excitement, all urges to ejaculate become trivial. Then you know how superior you are to your former lowly self. Is it too hard to do all these? Alright. It may take time, it may take a lifetime, or more, the important thing is to fix your purpose to the right way and work to it. Working to it is your purpose, you can always work to it.

14. So, to use your penis on (or in) a woman, choose times you are more fit, and every time you feel that you are near to ejaculate, there are many things to do. Interrupt any movement that presses on the frenulum frenular delta, and constrict you penis muscles (together with the help of your hand pressing if necessary), tuck in your abdomen, take a long inhale or an inhale with every stroke and start controlling your breath, breath through your mouth if necessary, turn your eyes as much upward as possible, your tongue should be touching your palate, recite the saawitrii in your head, and by rubbing the north side of the glans send high all energy that has gathered low; after it has been send high there is no urge to ejaculate, then you may give again your whole penis to your partner. These are natural means of rescue in an emergency; remember though, to avoid approaching to an emergency, you should all the time do the right thing in the right way.
(It was my duty to share what i have found. Please share your knowledge on the subject too).


15. Further reading? Someone asked me if there are any books on the subject. The only books i know specifically on this, are Jolan Chan's "the Tao of love and sex", and Mantak Chia's "Cultivating male sexual energy" (also he has published "Cultivating male sexual energy" together with his wife, Maneewan Chia, if i remember the name well). These books are good to motivate you to the right way of love making; for practical guidance to do it, they are not very helpful, but Mantak Chia's books contains some interesting tricks: when you urinate, urinate in one exhalation, emptying your lungs as much as practicable, while you stand on tiptoe, trying to get as tall as you can, bending your pelvis inward and your neck outwards, send out all urine as forcefully and quickly as you can. This is similar to yoga practices, that you can find in books of yoga: there are "asanas", "mudras", and types of "praNAyama" (breath control) that are indicated for control of seminal emission; so, you may study yoga specifically for such means; i do not know more details about yogic means, but there is a "mudra" that probably helps a lot: it is named "KSiti mudra", i.e. earth mudra, that is formed by touching the tip of the ring finger to the tip of thumb, all other fingers stretched out straight. This is said to strengthen the earth element; now, in Chinese theory, the earth element is the controller of water element; liquefied semen is "water"; easy seminal emission is due to weakness of "earth"; so, checking seminal emission can be achieved by strengthening the "earth", and this can be done by means of this "mudra" (by the way, Jesus in Christian iconography is often depicted with his hand in this "mudra".) There are also Hindu texts that contain advice as to how to make love without ejaculation; such texts, like the "Tirukkural" (if i remember the name well) are usually "Saivite", but i think this is no problem: the whole point is to practice the dharma. Any observation useful to practice the dharma, is useful, no matter if it comes from a "Saivite" book or any other school, as long as it can really help dharma, which is, in simple English, "the right way".

In a Hindu book by K. T. Shubhakaran i found the following numerical yantra which is said to "clot the semen", i.e. consolidate the life essence so it does not flow out. It is said that it must be written using the "juice of tuhar" instead of ink, and worn around the waist. I could never find what plant the tuhar is. In absence of that, i suggest that you use saffron or any yellowish fragrant material. (Yellow being the colour of earth that controls water). Anyway, general rules to write yantras is to start from the smallest number and progressively go to the biggest. Hindus believe that numerical yantras should be written in "devanAgari" figures; i personally think that instead of numerical figures, one should draw circles or crosses of the same number, e.g. 71 crosses or little circles instead of the number "71"; use no ruler to draw the lines, draw by hand: the lines must not be absolutely straight. I have not used this yantra, but as there is much experience behind numerical yantras, it stands to reason that they can work. Remember to wear it all the time, and not only during lovemaking; it is yours to try:

Mantak Chia often advises to turn the pelvis inward and the neck outward (tilt backwards), while keeping the tongue to the roof of palate, in order to straighten and facilitate the flow of sexual energy upwards to the brain; also he advises breath control, which is really the most important for controlling and sublimating the sexual essence: control your breath all the time if you can. Another old Chinese trick found in Chia's book, is to dip the penis in cold water before inserting it to the vagina. My opinion is that the water will be lost very quickly; instead, i suggest you cover your penis with soft, watery cosmetic clay before inserting.

Chia also suggests that a man must eat more "yang" food, while a woman must eat more "yin" food; i disagree on this point, because what he terms "yang" food is meat, much cooked food, salty and spicy, that is deprived of live nutrients and unhealthy, while "yin" food has cold energy, so it can add to a woman's womb pain and genitals pain during periods, sex, or any time.

I know a good Chinese edition of classics referring to the art of love making without male ejaculation, but i have not the book with me to give you further details (it is written all in Chinese anyway).

The world's oldest extant book containes two oracles referring to the same subject, see the links below (although these works are in Greek, on ancient books of Turkic origin):

world's oldest extant book: meaning interpreted and literature analysed (see oracles 8(1) and 60(1))

what evolved from the world's oldest extant book: the legendary completely unknown 周易 (see oracles 62(3) and 26(3))

The famous 道徳經 (which actually was derived from the oldest extant book mentioned) gives great importance on the art of love making, especially in one chapter, saying that it is necessary to timely check ejaculation, so as to build "a strong trunk and deep roots". The purpose of this page is not to examine other books, but rather to give my own understanding, as follows:


16. The Chinese theory speaks of the "3 treasures", which are essence, energy (strength), and spirit. I liken these to a tree, its roots are the essence, its trunk is the energy, and its high branches are the spirit. If the tree is to live, it absorbs water and nutrients from the root (essence), the trunk (energy) lifts the water and nutrients to the whole of the tree up to the high branches which look into the sky (spirit). Erection power is the trunk: it controls the essence taken from the root to enable the top branches point to the sky. If there is not a strong trunk to take water up, the tree will not stand, instead water will remain at the roots and cause the whole to rot. The glans is the top branches that look into the sky: the glans arouses the experience of the spirit, so that the essence is used up and so cannot flow out. The frenular delta is a sword that cuts the trunk. The trunk must be so hard that cannot be cut by a sword - or the sword must be kept away.

Another important simile is the Hindu epic of rAmAyana: prince Raama is the spirit; his wife Siita is the essence; the envious "Raavana" who violently abducted Siita, is the frenular delta. The hero "Hanuman" is the energy, i.e. the erection power, that helps defeat the urge of frenular delta and bring the essence to the spirit, so as to empower the spirit, to empower life.

The simile given in the world's oldest book, is a golden headed snake with a golden digestive system, a golden belly, to give it a short name; man tends to cut that golden belly with a sword (i.e. the frenular delta) thus removing the life force from the head of the snake, killing the snake (which is of course the penis). The snake's head is of course the glans, and the snake's belly is the "tube" bulging all along the underside middle of the penis continuing via the testicles until the anus. This theory is as useful as distinguishing death from life: By pressing on the "tube" with fingers (or by the penis muscles themselves), the erection power is instantly stimulated and so ejaculation cancelled. By gently rubbing on the "head", the spirit is aroused, so the essence is assimilated by the spirit far from turning into lost liquid. Of course the "sword" (i.e. the frenular delta) can be surgically cut or desensitised permanently, so it cannot endanger the process of controlling and absorbing the essence.

The feeling of arousing the spirit by gently rubbing on the "head" is something like out of this world: it is a really spiritual experience; it is in fact an experience of orgasm without ejaculation, that lasts as long as you want, and it is so easily attainable by every ordinary person. Just mind not to do it too hard, not quickly, not without proper lubrication, and don't ever be fully circumcised: circumcision makes the "golden head" dry and therefore much less sensitive, it is a very wrong thing to do.

Mantak Chia also suggests that even a woman should suppress her orgasm in order to uplift the sexual essence. But he doesn't say that there is not even one woman in this world who would like to suppress her orgasm! All women are overly eager for the sweetness (or "south excitement") aroused by the MOVING of the female frenular area, the tissues attached to the clitoris, so much that most women care very little or not at all for a sexual experience beyond and above that sweetness bringing orgasm. However, if a woman wants to experience the pure "north excitement", it is quite easy, and probably easier than for men, as the glans of clitoris is equipped with about 8000 sensory nerve endings, about double the number of such sensory nerve endings on a man's glans. Still a woman rarely makes use of this so sensitive organ, that is her own glans, as she is given to the sweetness of her frenular area. When the female glans is properly rubbed WITHOUT MOVING the clitoris, she has that spiritual experience that is a kind of orgasm without loss of energy or essence, that can last for as long as she wants. Of course a man can do that to her with his tongue, if he knows the purpose.

Well, if women are too happy with their usual orgasm, let them be. A man should not be happy with ejaculating semen, for this is the worst loss for him. What he can do to change loss to gain, has been described above. (More suggestions welcome). After all, i wonder why there are no strap-ons for men: they should be hollow so that the penis has room to be comfortable inside, and stiff so as to transfer no pressure to the penis inside them, i.e. kind of a stiff case for a penis, so a man can satisfy even the most avid woman without feeling the pressure on his penis by the female cavity.  (in fact there are such strap-ons in the market, but in all cases i know they are not practicable, because they are too narrow for a penis to get inside, or too tough for a woman to feel inside her). For a happier world!

κλίκ για επιστροφή
στην αρχική σελίδα

κλίκ στο για επιστροφή στην αρχική σελίδα.

Το ανωτέρω κείμενο το έβαλα σε ένα φόρουμ περι σεξουαλικών θεμάτων. Κανείς δέν βρέθηκε να το διαβάσει, παρόλο που όλοι οι Έλληνες απο 8 χρονών μέχρι 24 μαθαίνουν αγγλικά πληρώνοντας περιουσίες ολόκληρες στα φροντιστήρια κ στους καθηγητές. Κάποια κυρία μετέφρασε το κείμενο μέσω μεταφραστικής μηχανής, οπότε κάποιες άλλες καλές κυρίες βρήκανε τρόπο να κοροϊδέψουνε. Εκτός απο τις κοροϊδίες υπήρξαν κ κάποιες ερωτήσεις, που μου έδωσαν αφορμή να γράψω επεξηγηματικά το παρακάτω:

Αγαπητή Μισέλ, εύλογη η απορίασου, μιά κ βαρέθηκες να ανοίξεις λεξικό, φρένουλουμ είναι υποκοριστικό του λατινικού frenum, στα ελληνικά λέγεται χαλινός. Υπάρχουν κ σε άλλα μέρη χαλινοί, μιά ξαδέρφημου αφαίρεσε τον χαλινό που όλοι έχουμε κάτω απο το άνω χείλος. Παρόμοιος στο σχήμα είναι κ ο χαλινός του πέους για τον οποίο είναι προφανές οτι μιλάμε εδώ. Αυτό υποθέτω ξέρεις πού πέφτει. Επειδή έχεις μιά στοιχειώδη πείρα θα ξέρεις οτι αυτουνού του ΔΕΛΤΑ η κίνηση είναι που πυροδοτεί την εκσπερμάτωση, κ ανάλογος χαλινός με προεκτάσεις υπάρχει στις γυναίκες που λειτουργεί ανάλογα. Η Νταρντάνα ξέρει απο αυτά τα πράγματα, γιατί εκεί στο Ουζμπεκιστάν ώς Μουσουλμάνοι (κ γνήσιοι Τούρκοι) οι άνθρωποι περιτέμνονται, κ ο σκοπός της περιτομής είναι η αφαίρεση του δέλτα του χαλινού, διότι δέν είμαστε ζώα να κάνουμε σέξ κατευθείαν εκσπερματώνοντας μόλις δώσει το σήμα ο χαλινός δηλαδή το δέλτα του χαλινού για να αναπαράγουμε το είδος. Έτσι λοιπόν, η Νταρντάνα είχε την τύχη να γνωρίσει τους περιτμηθέντες κυρίους που ακριβώς επειδή μέσω της περιτομής τους αφαιρέθηκε όχι ο χαλινός ολόκληρος αλλα το δέλτα του χαλινού ή το μεγαλύτερο μέροςτου, έχουν σαφώς μεγαλύτερη διάρκεια στις παλινδρομικές εντός του αιδοίου ωθήσεις. Κ άν επιθυμούν μπορούν να κάνουν την διάρκειατους ακόμη μεγαλύτερη, είτε αφαιρώντας τελείως το δέλτα απο τον χαλινό είτε με τις παρατηρήσεις που έχω στο κείμενομου, είτε κ με άλλα κόλπα βγαλμένα απο αλλονών πείρα. Άν αυτές οι επεξηγήσεις δέν φτάνουν, θα έπρεπε να είσαι εδώ για να σου δείξω τον χαλινό κ το δέλτατου στο δικόμου σώμα, καί στο δικόσου, κ πώς ενεργοποιείται κ λειτουργεί.

Με αυτήν την ευκαιρία να πώ κ στη Νταρντάνα κάτι, απο γυναίκες δέν μπορείς ποτέ να ζητάς υπευθυνότητα, γιατί πόσες φορές θα στο πώ, αφεντικό, η γυναίκα είναι αδύνατο πλάσμα, που λέει κ ο Ζορμπάς του Καζαντζάκη, στον άντρα χίλιους κανόνες κ εντολές μπορείς να βάλεις κ οφείλει να τους τηρήσει, γιατί είναι άντρας. Στη γυναίκα κ έναν κανόνα να βάλεις, δέν θα μπορέσει να τον τηρήσει, γιατί, γιατί πόσες φορές θα σ'το πώ, αφεντικό, η γυναίκα είναι αδύνατο πλάσμα. Σε αυτόν τον άσπλαχνο κόσμο ωστόσο δέν υπάρχει αντικειμενικώς απολύτως κανένα δικαίωμα, ούτε για τους δυνατούς ούτε για τους αδύνατους σάν εμένα, παραμόνο εφόσον έχει εκπληρώσει κανείς την αντίστοιχη υποχρέωση. Είναι, να κάνω μιά χοντρή παρομοίωση, σάν το σούπερ μάρκετ (τί στην ευχή, ακόμη κ στο Ουζμπεκιστάν έχει σούπερμαρκετς), όπου μπορείς να πάρεις κάθε τί μόνον εφόσον πληρώσεις στο ταμείο την τιμήτου. Άμα δέν πληρώσεις λέγεσαι κλέφτης. Επίσης, για να μήν παρεξηγούμαστε, δηλώνω οτι δέν δέχομαι καμία θρησκεία, διότι οι θρησκείες όλες ανεξαιρέτως είναι ανθρώπινα δημιουργήματα κ εξυπηρετούν πάντοτε πολιτικές σκοπιμότητες κ διαιρέσεις, διαίρει κ βασίλευε. Αλλα δέχομαι απολύτως τον νόμο της φύσης που ταυτοχρόνως είναι νόμος του Θεού, κ ακριβώς γι' αυτό δέχομαι όλες τις θρησκείες ώς το σημείο εκείνο που φανερώνουν το νόμο του Θεού κ διδάσκουν τό σωστό. Απο εκείνο το σημείο κ πέρα, είναι μονάχα πολιτική κ διαίρεση. Κανενός δέν δέχομαι το "πίστευε κ μή ερεύνα", κ άν τυχόν κάπου έπεσα στη λούμπα να πιστέψω χωρίς έρευνα, παρακαλώ να μου το υποδείξετε πού είναι. Το να υπηρετεί κανείς το Θεό είναι η μόνη πραγματική ελευθερία, διότι όλοι είμαστε κύτταρα του σώματος του Θεού, μέσω αυτού ζούμε. Γι' αυτό εκείνο που λέει ο Ντύλαν "είτε τον διάβολο θα υπηρετήσεις ή τον Θεό" είναι πατάτα. Όταν κάνει κάποιος τη δουλειά του διαβόλου ενεργεί αντίθετα στην ίδια τη ζωήτου, τότε είναι σκλάβος, ενώ όταν υπηρετεί κάποιος τον Θεό, υπηρετεί την ίδιατου τη ζωή, δηλαδή ουσιαστικά δέν υπηρετεί, αλλα ακολουθεί την πραγματικήτου φύση. Μή μου θυμώσετε γι' αυτά που λέω, σας συμπαθώ όπως εν γένει το θηλυκόν γένος, κ κάτι παραπάνω διότι μιλάτε γλώσσα ίσια κ καταδέχεσθε να ασχολείσθε με την εργασίαμου.

κλίκ για επιστροφή
στην αρχική σελίδα

κλίκ στο για επιστροφή στην αρχική σελίδα.