Our village (Amigdalies) is built on a hill at an altitude of 850 m and is located 12 km in the north-east Part of Grevena city.

It will only take you 15 min. to get to Amigdalies  (or Pikrivinitsa). The people in this village are mostly farmers.

It’s a picturesque village built among almond and cherry trees. As you climb the Koutsoraho mountain (992m) you will be amazed at the wonderful view, which goes all the way to the  highest Greek mountain, the Mount Olympus.

From the very peak of  Koutsoraho mountain you can also see Siniatsiko, Burinos, Hasia, the Pindos Mountains and Voio.

There are also wolves, foxes and rabbits and perhaps a limited number of deer and bears, living in the woods around the village.

The community consists of the villages Agia Triada and Lohmi, which is famous for being the last village to be possessed by the Turkish army. The Turks has also built the so-called “Koulia” building in 1848, the only remaining  turkish building which is considered to be a monument  according to the Greek  Archaelogical Department.

What is really worth –seeing are also the churches  of the village,as the go back from the 17th to the 19th Century, and they contain lots and interesting frescoes.

The Agios Athanasios church ( at 1650 m/ 2,5 km from Amigdalies) | is known for its 17th century fresco.

There are also beautiful frescoes at the new-built church of Agios Dimitrios in the village.

Other churches known for their frescoes are the Pamegiston Taxiarxon church (built in 1848), the Agios Christophoros, the Temple of Madona, Agia Paraskevi and Agioi Anargiroi.

These temples are around the village.

 The Cultural Club of Amigdalies, was founded in 1994. Throughout this time, it has developed a multitude of activities. We should mention the come-back of tradition and the four dancing groups (all residents of the village participate, mostly young people). The biggest event conducted by our club, in association

with the Prefecture Bureau of Grevena and the Town Council, is the “cherry festival” which lasts for 3 days and is held the last 10days of June.It’s the biggest event of its kind in the Western Macedonia region with cultural activities  such as theater, music, exhibitions and so on. On the last day of the festival cherries are offered to people and folklore music bands take part in this special event.

It should be mentioned that our club participate in the “Prespeia” festival, an event which was held by the “Cultural Olympics Association” hosting a group of young painters from FYROM.

Furthermore, our club is a member of the “International Folklore Art” and the “Greek Cultural Movement”.


On New Year’s Day, “Rogatsaria” a local custom is conducted by the Cultural Club. This custom is about traditional carols which are chanted by young people dressed in local outfit (one of them carries a bell) going around the village.

On the Apokries Sunday (Halloween) the custom of “Fanos” is held. After the parade and the carnival contest, a big bonfire is lit at the village square and the people dance around it, singing songs (with lots of swearing!!!) One can also have local foods and a lot of wine and tsipuro (a local drink), all for free!!!

At Easter, we celebrate the so-called “Pashalogiorta”

On Monday, right after Apokries, we celebrate the “Kouloyma” as well. Our club offers people cooked beans, big loaves of bread-made esrecially for that day-and other traditional food. Them we fly kites.

On May 2nd, we celebrate, with sport games and traditional dances, right after church.

Finally the Cultural Club of Amigdalies is a member of the “International Folklore Art Organization” and the “Greek Cultural Movement”.

Amigdalies are also known for their cherries, which are absolutely delicious. It’ s one of the most Beautiful villages in Grevena. You can have a coffee, dine at the local restaurants and fuel your car around the clock.