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A. Crosswords

The adjacent picture shows a group of 10 Crossword questions.
  • Each word is a question, that is scored independently with its own points (the red number next to each description)
  • At this moment the pupil enters the name of 'A baby cat' which is KITTEN
  • As he types, the word takes its place in the crossword
  • Every word can be accompanied by supportive pictures (multimedia)
  • The pupil fulfils as many words as he knows
  • Then he can press the Submit button to evaluate his answers
  • Words left unanswered, can be answered later
  • By clicking on the crossword (may require a second click for the vertical word) or on the descriptions, the pupil selects the word he wants to complete
  • Also he can use the up - down arrows to move to another word
hot pepper
hot pepper

B. Crossword - Design

From the Groups tab, press Crossword design.
Have in mind that hot pepper does not create automatically crosswords.
Hot pepper implements a crossword, already designed by you or by a specialized program, such as Eclipse Crossword or other
  • First, delete the automatic word DELETE-ME. Press the Delete word button and then click on DELETE-ME
  • Adjust the Columns and Rows appropriately.
    Maximum dimensions are 26 columns and 19 rows
  • With Right clicks put the "islands" to help your work
  • Inversion, converts all verticals to horizontals and vise versa. For example, converts a 12 x 5 crossword to a 5 x 12 equivalent one. Inversion does not work, if the columns are more than 19
hot pepper

C. Crossword - Words

Now you add the words one by one at the appropriate places
  • Click at the very top or very left cell of the word
  • Adjust the Horizontally or Vertically radio buttons appropriately. Reverse if checked places the word upside down. For instance, instead of KITTEN you see NETTIK
  • As you type the word, red letters are shown on the appropriate places on the crossword
  • After you have typed the whole word, press the Add this word button
  • After you have inserted all the words (10 in this example), press OK button to exit from the crossword design
hot pepper

D. Crossword - Descriptions

In the Questions tab
  1. Write the description for each word
  2. Adjust Pupil's reaction to Misspelled typing or Strict typing
  3. Insert supportive pictures (optional)