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Formatting Capability

In text - input areas, normally there is a label over them, which has a link - like behavior. Clicking on this label you can format your text.
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hot pepper quiz creator has an elementary formatting capability, for those who want to provide a ton of merriment in their text.
  • The "Select all" tool makes and a silent "Copy all". So it is very useful
  • From "Paragraph format" you can change the distance between the lines
  • The "Special symbols" are very useful for the mathematicians (rise in the square, rise in the cube etc). Also you can design "boxes" as in the following example
hot pepper

Formatting. An example

Design of a Gap filling group of questions, with 12 gaps.
  • The alignment of the text would not be feasible unless with fixed width fonts, such as Courier New
  • In the adjacent picture, is missing only the bottom right corner to complete the text
  • The special symbols, are shown if you press button § (special symbols in the previous picture)
  • The 12 gaps ▌ ▌, all Special gaps with length of 2 spaces, because the expected answers are not going to overcome the two characters
  • If the answer of a gap is expected to have 3 characters, then we would place at least 3 spaces in this particular gap
  • Putting fewer gaps will spoil the alignment of the table when the student will begin to fill it
Attention From Vista and later, Internet Explorer and Firefox have a problem in displaying fixed width fonts such as Courier, through Flash player. Until now (July 2014) only the Chrome browser displays these fonts correctly.