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A. Using Multimedia

With the term Multimedia, we mean pictures, sounds and video. You can incorporate in a question, all these kinds to make it more attractive.
The multimedia files must reside ...
  • in the folder of the quiz, together with the questions file hotpep.xml
  • or in the depo folder (see the adjacent picture), which must reside in the same level as the folder of the quiz
  • or somewhere in the Internet (you need its URL)
hot pepper

B1. Add Multimedia

Suppose you want to add Dali's photo.
Click on the + button
hot pepper

B2. Add Multimedia

In the adjacent new window, click Find local to search for the appropriate file in the quiz folder or in the depo folder
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B3. Add Multimedia

File dali.jpg is now incorporated in the question.
Because it is a picture, you can accompany it with sound.
hot pepper

C1. Add YouTube Video

Visit YouTube, find your favorite video and start it. During play back, copy the address of the site (see the adjacent picture)
hot pepper

C2. Add YouTube Video

Paste the address in the Add multimedia text input area. If all are OK, you will see a confirmation label YouTube video
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D. Add Sound Alone

Suppose you want to just add multimedia file song2.mp3 (it is music).
If you want to add sound alone (not accompanying a picture), work exactly as for a picture (see case B above)
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E1. Add Sound Accompanying a Picture

Suppose you want to accompany Dali's photo with some musical notes.
Press the +Audio button
hot pepper

E2. Add Sound Accompanying a Picture

In the new window, check Musical notes, select Category of musical instruments and Instrument and then press OK
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E3. Add Sound Accompanying a Picture

In the Notes MML text input area, write your beloved notes l8 bcbcad. L8 means eighths, and abcd ... are mnemonics for the do re mi fa ... notes
If you are keen on music notes, search for Music Markup Language protocol
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F1. Summarize

Finally, this question incorporates 4 multimedia.
  • picture dali.jpg accompanied with MML notes
  • a YouTube video
  • and a sound song2.mp3
hot pepper

F2. Summarize

The adjacent picture shows a hypothetical question which incorporates all the above multimedia.

If the pupil wants to hear a sound or to play back the video, he just moves the mouse over the corresponding red circle. Exiting from the red circle, stops the play back.