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Workout - Exam
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A. Workout - Exam

In hot pepper quiz player there are 3 modes, for the pupil, to answer a quiz
  1. Workout
  2. Exam (play off)
  3. Exam (with review possibility)
  • In Workout (training), normally, there is no time limit and the questions appear serially.
    However, the pupil can check the Time limit and / or the Show questions in random order checkboxes, if he wants to (1st picture).
  • In Exams, there's always time limit, which is controlled by the teacher. Also, the teacher decides whether the questions of this particular quiz, will be presented to the pupil serially or in random order.
    Furthermore, the pupil must declare a name (2nd picture).
  • The pupil can print the results of a quiz, only after Exams and only if he gave a name different from Musafiris.
  • The last mode, Exam (with review possibility), is very unpopular, because the pupil does not know, until finishing, what is his grade. Its only advantage is that he can answer again, already answered questions.
hot pepper

hot pepper

hot pepper
Looking at the 2nd picture
  • QP 50 means that the value of this question is 50 points.
  • Total ques. 31(1550) means that the quiz has a total of 31 questions, which all together have a cumulative value of 1550 points.
  • Left 13(650) means that there are 13 questions waiting to be answered, which all together have a cumulative value of 650 points.
  • Correct 16.67(843) means that from the 18 (= 31 - 13) answered questions 16.67 answered correctly, gaining 843 points (from a total 900 (= 1550 - 650) of answered points).
  • Lost 1.33(57) means that from the 18 answered questions 1.33 answered wrongly, loosing 57 points.
  • Score 54% means that the grade of the pupil until now is 54 with excellent 100. The grade is composed counting the gained points and not the gained questions.
  • Niclaus Wirth is the name of the pupil.

B. Comparative table of capabilities

the pupil Workout Exam
play off with review
When the pupil gives an answer, he is immediately informed whether it was correct or wrong yes yes no
If answer is wrong, he is informed about which was the expected answer, and advices, written by the teacher, are presented in order to correct his knowledge yes no no
He sees his grade during answering yes yes no
He can see the id of the question he is answering yes no no
He can go back and visit an already answered question yes yes yes
He can answer again an already answered question yes no yes
When answering an already answered question, his grade may change no - yes
To answer a quiz, he must declare a name no yes yes
Exiting a quiz, his performance is registered in a public central data base and also locally in the hard disk no yes yes
Time limit pupil's choice yes yes
Questions are presented serially or in random order pupil's choice teacher's choice