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Welcome to my web site!

I received my diploma in 1992 and my PhD in 2012 from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in University of Patras, Greece. As a researcher I work mainly in the fields of:

  • Intelligent Electronic Negotiations,
  • Semantic Web,
  • Expert Systems,
  • Workflow Technologies, Knowledge Representation and Management and
  • Autonomic Communications and Network Management.
  • I have also worked in web development projects using web technologies like:

  • JAVA, PHP, Ruby, Python
  • RoR, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress
  • Android Programming
  • I have worked for:

  • 1 year in Greece Organization of Telecommunications (OTE)in the department of new applied network technologies.
  • 1 year in the General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GRNET).
  • 1 year in the Computer Technology Institute (CTI) in the School Network Administration Center
  • 3 year on an autonomic network management platform in Autonomic Internet (AUTOI) European Research Project
  • I have published 10 conference papers and 4 journal papers.

    Koumoutsos Giannis - Home Page

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