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How to add a new entry in the Glossary of terms

Adding a glossary term is very easy.

First of all, go to the main page of our Moodle site and enter on the Glossary of terms:


Next, to add a new term, just click on the Add a new entry button:

Add a new entry

This will lead us to a page where we'll edit the new term for the glossary.

The first field to fill in is the Concept field. In our example, we put Feminism:

Concept field

Next one is the Description field, where we describe the concept feminism. In this example, we use the Wikipedia as a source, and therefore we attribute the source at the end with a link to the article:

Definition of the concept

It's very interesting to clasify our entries according to a list of categories. If you don't find a category that fits the entry you are adding to the Glossary, just use the Not categorised option at the top of the Categories list:

Categories field

The Keyword(s) field is very important. Here you can add synonims of the concept that you want to point to this same entry. In our example we add feminist and feminists:

Keyword(s) field

Optionally, you can add a file to the entry.
The 3 auto-linking options should be left unchanged.
And finally, when you think your entry is OK, just click on the Save changes button:

Save changes

After this, you will be shown the result of your edition:

Result of the editing

Once you have this new term edited, every ocurrence of the term Feminism and their synonims feminist and feminists will be highlighted throughtout all our Moodle site:

Feminism highlighted
feminist highlighted

If anyone places the mouse over one of this ocurrences, it will change to an interrogation sign:

mousse over a highlighted term

Clicking on it, will get a popup window with the description of the term:

popup window with description