All the students after the lesson.

Computer Lab, 4ο ΓΕ.Λ Ιλίου

Students of the Greek group.


Some answers the students wrote on the whiteboard.


The students find Greek loanwords in their native language.

The students find Greek loanwords in their native language.



The Bulgarian group excels!


The presentation of the lesson in our computer lab.


An Ubunru 14.10 computer was used for the presentation.


4th High School, Ilion, GREECE

A lesson with students of 7 nationalities, Greeks, Italians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Germans, Poles and Finns,

participating in a COMENIUS program,

was given today, in our school.


Participating Schools

1. Liceul Teoretic Lascar Rosetti, Romania

2. Liceo Salvatore di Giacomo, Italy

3. Kauhavan Lukio, Finland

4.  Schulen der Brede, Germany

5.  I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace, Poland

6.  Foreign Languages School Nikola Vaptsatsarov, Bulgaria

7.  4th High School, Ilion, Greece 4ο ΓΕΛ Ιλίου



You can see the activities in the lesson plan below .


The students were divided into national groups and did all the activities together.
They were very kind and eager to answer all the questions.
They also used the internet in order to find several Greek loan words in their mother tongue.

My warmest thanks to all of them.




"I thought I knew Greek but it turned out that I did not.

It was interesting to meet some new words which are similar to ours."



"funny and educational"



"very relaxing, very interesting,  the lesson had the right length"




Really interesting! A link among all the participants? languages was created and

consequently a cultural link among all the students.




Short but interesting. That lesson made us think about similarities and differences

between countries and languages in Europe.



Full of energy. Good for knowing each other.