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Our project motto: "A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom" (Robert Frost )

Poetry is a necessary medium for people to communicate, to promote their creativity, to explore themselves and express their feelings and emotions. Therefore, poetry can motivate students and present a wide range of learning opportunities. Through the “Young Poets Society” project, students from Greece, Poland and Romania will exchange poems of great poets of their countries, explore their characteristics and finally, they will cooperate to write their own poems using various structures and styles (haiku, cinquain, quatrain, sensory-emotion poems, couplets, diamonte poems, limericks, shape poems, tanka, ballad, and free verse poems). All these poems will be illustrated with the students own drawings and, finally, they will be included in an e-book under the title “Young Poets Society: Collection of Poems”. Students will also use their poems creatively to make their own video or audio files, dramatize them or make them into songs. All this material will be hosted in this site, which is specially designed for this project.

Our goals

  • To underline the multicultural aspect of poetry and its power to cross boundaries and make people realize that they share many of the same values and concerns.
  • To introduce students to the world of poetry and to familiarize them with poems of great poets of the partner countries. To have students learn to read and appreciate classical and modern styles of poetry.
  • To provide students with a glimpse of the values, lifestyles, customs and historical traditions of both countries, as poetry also promotes cultural literacy.
  • To familiarize students with various forms and styles of poetry and their characteristics.
  • To familiarize students with the terminology of poetry, such as rhythm, onomatopoeia, repetition, alliteration, rhyme, mood etc.
  • To have students work collaboratively and communicate, share ideas and concerns, and discover ways in which they are connected, since poetry is a means for self-expression and self-realisation.
  • To have students express themselves, their emotions and feelings and their way of looking at the world.
  • To reveal the personal interests of each student and highlight their individual talents and their creative ability.
  • To motivate students to improve their use of the English language through reading and writing poetry. Poetry can inspire students to craft pieces of writing, assist them in learning how to be concise and reinforce their grammar and vocabulary skills.
  • To foster creativity and development of child’s imagination.
  • To broaden students' knowledge.
  • To encourage students to respect other cultures.
  • To develop ICT skills.
  • To motivate learners to read other literary works on their own.

Work Process

Our first step is to meet each other with the use of the appropriate technology (chatroom, email messages, ppt presentations). Students and teachers will exchange mails or chat online and share things about themselves, their interests and their ideas on the project. Students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves through the “I am a poem” writing activity. Moreover, each partner country will also create a presentation with short descriptions and photos of their school, the places they live and their country. Afterwards, both countries will exchange translated versions of poems of famous poets of their countries and discuss the basic characteristics of a poem (structure, theme, mood and emotions, rhythm and imagery). They will read each others’ poems and illustrate them or decorate them with their own drawings. In the second part of the project, students of partner countries will write their own poems by experimenting with various styles of poetry. They will work on cinquain poems, sensory emotion poems, limericks, haiku poems, quatrain poems, couplets, diamonte poems, shape poems, tanka poems ballad and free verse poems. They will also write poems on various themes (environmental, love poems etc) and they will cooperate to write poems together. The last stage of the project involves the collection and decoration of the poems by both groups and the creation of and e-book poetry collection entitled “Young Poets Society: Collection of Poems”. Students’ creativity will be further promoted, since students will use their poems to make their own video or audio files based on them, dramatise them or add music to them and make them into songs. All this material produced through this project will be also published to this poetry site, created specifically to host the project.

Expected results

  • The students are expected to create an e-book with their poems entitled: “Young Poets Society: Collection of Poems”.
  • They are also expected to use their poems to create their own video or audio files, to dramatise them or make them into songs.
  • All of the poems will be illustrated and decorated with the students’ own drawings.
  • All this material will be published in this site which will host the whole project.

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