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Venia Sakellariou

Written by  Sakellariou Venia
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My name is Venia Sakellariou and I am fourteen years old. I am in the third year of junior High School. My favorite subjects are German and Maths. I like dancing and singing. I also like playing volleyball and computer games. In my free time, I also enjoy going shopping. My favorite foods are spaghetti and pizza.


I think that I am a sociable person because I make new friends easily, and I also like hanging out with them. I also love swimming.

I have a sister and she is younger than me. Her name is Evelina and she is ten years old.

I would like to be a pharmacist but I might change my mind when I grow up. My dream is to have a big and happy family and a good job, too!

I would be really happy to know my partners’ interests and their everyday routine!

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