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Tutorial Start page - Login and User accounts

Τhis is the site for the etwinning project “Young Poets Society” of Γυμνάσιο Ζάρκου (Greece), Γυμνάσιο Οιχαλίας Νεοχωρίου (Greece), Gimnazjum nr 16 im. Fryderyka Chopina w Lublinie, Lublin (Poland) and "Saint Ana" School, Galati (Romania).  So only the teachers and students of the above schools can post or edit the articles on this site.

There are two kinds of accounts for this web site. The teachers’ and the students’ accounts.
1. Teachers:

  • can post everywhere in this site
  • have privileges to edit all articles
  • can comment on any article

2. Students:

  • can post only in certain places in this site
  • only have privileges to edit their own articles
  • can comment on any article

If you are a student, ask your teacher for your user account login information and then use your favorite web browser  to visit our blog : http://gym-zarkou.tri.sch.gr/blog  (If you are using Internet explorer please update to the latest version of the program,  because you may experience display problems with versions prior to v8). After that enter your username and password as shown in the picture below and press enter

If you don’t remember your username or your password, please press the link “Forgot your username?” or “Forgot your password?” and you will be presented with one of the following options:

Write in the text box your registered email address, and press the “submit” button. The web page will sent to you shortly the information that you asked for. If the mail doesn’t arrive in your mailbox after 20 minutes tell your teacher to contact me through the etwinning portal, to solve the problem.

Once you have logged in to the site you will notice that the left column of the site has changed to something like this.

At the top of every article that you have submitted (for the students) and at the top of every article on the site (for the teachers) there  will be an “edit item” link where you can edit the already existing articles.
At the left side, a user menu will appear, with the following links

  • Add new item
  • My page
  • My account
  • Moderate comments to my published items

If it is your first time logging in to the site, you must change your password for security reasons. To do this simply follow the link to your account, change the password and press the “save” button.


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