Tuesday, 05 April 2011 22:25

Cooperative Poems!

Written by Belogia Paraskevi

Our students have already started working on the "Cooperative Poems" which we consider as the most interesting and creative task of this project:)

So, in this part of the project students write their own free verse poems on one of the following themes: “Childhood Memories”, “Our World”, “The Environment” or on a theme of their choice.

The important thing in this activity is that the partner students will work together in groups to write the poem. Students from Romania start writing the first stanzas of the poem and send it to their partners to develop it.  Students from Greece add more stanzas to their partners’ poems until the final cooperative poem is ready.

Here is a list of the Greek and Romanian students that are working together to write the Cooperative Poems! We are looking forward to reading all of them:)

Sunday, 13 March 2011 20:15

What is it like to be a teenager?

Written by Belogia Paraskevi
Students from Romania that take part in the Young Poets Society eTwinning project expressed their thoughts and ideas on what it's like to be a teenager.  Their way of writing, their maturity and the way they face the world amazed us all and that's why we've decided to post some pieces of their work on our blog:) We hope you enjoy it!


Let’s be crazy and have fun because it is our time!!!

In my opinion I don’t think there is something more difficult and complicated than being a teenager. Adolescence is by definition something hard, a period of time with lots of problems. I mean nobody teach us how to be good teenagers, how not to get into trouble, how to  be friends with our parents.

Everyone wants to be independent. To have his own money, to have free time and so on …

There are schools where we learn a lot of theory, but there is no class you can attend and be given a lecture on adolescence that you could really use and benefit from. Maybe  because there isn’t and won’t ever be an adult  who could about himself/herself: I was a perfect teenager.

Stefana Aicoboaie

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 16:00

Certificate for Celebrating Safer Internet Day

Written by Belogia Paraskevi
We have just received a certificate for our participation in the Celebration of  Safer Internet Day 2011:) Congratulations for one more time to all of our students that took part in the Poetry Contest for a Safer Internet and expressed their thoughts and ideas so creatively:)
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 21:45

Ode to the English Language:)

Written by Belogia Paraskevi

One of the students of the Romanian Young Poets Society group, Ioana Bejan, forwarded this poem to us:) It's not her own creation, but it's fun for all of us to read and comment on it! :)

Ode to the English Language

We'll begin with a box, and the plural is boxes,
But the plural of ox becomes oxen, not oxes.
One fowl is a goose, but two are called geese,
Yet the plural of moose should never be meese.
You may find a lone mouse or a nest full of mice,
Yet the plural of house is houses, not hice.

If the plural of man is always called men,

Then shouldn't the plural of pan be called pen?
If I speak of my foot and show you my feet,
And I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet?
If one is a tooth and a whole set are teeth,
Why shouldn't the plural of booth be called beeth?

Thursday, 17 February 2011 22:55

Poetry Contest for a Safer Internet

Written by Belogia Paraskevi

Our poetry competition to celebrate Safer Internet Day has finished and the poems that we received from our students were amazing! Congratulations to all of the students from both Romania and Greece that took part in the contest by writing their own poems and expressing their thoughts and ideas about a safer internet.  We selected the best poems and we post them here for you to enjoy:)

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