Cooperative Poems

In this part of the project students write their own poems on one of the following themes: “Childhood Memories”, “Our World”, “The Environment” or any other theme of their choice. The important thing in this activity is that the partner students will work together in groups to write the poem. Students from Romania start writing the first stanzas of the poem and send it to their partners to develop it.  Students from Greece add more stanzas to their partners’ poems until the final cooperative poem is ready. The partner students are free to choose the poetic style they are going to follow or they can even write in free verse!
Free verse is poetry that is written without any rules about form, rhyme, rhythm ect.  In free verse the writer makes their own rules, by deciding how the poem should look, fee and sound.  Free verse in English has been around since King James Bible, especially the Psalms and the Song of Solomon.  Writing free verse became an in important and widespread movement in poetry.  In the twentienth century, free verse became the dominant mode of poets writing in English.

Thursday, 12 May 2011 10:41


Written by Ana Maria Baloi


written by Ana Maria Baloi and Efthimis Mitroulias


High in the sky

There's something apart

Like a work af art

They live in kindness

Purity and shyness.

They're singing around the moon

We're waiting to see them soon

The angels.


They are always there by your side

Forever your wise and thoughtful guide.

In times of sorrow and despair

They open their wings to hide you there.

Eternal guardians of human beings

They answer your prayers, make worderful things

The angels.


Friday, 06 May 2011 08:03


Written by Teodora Benescu


written by Teodora Benescu and Maria Voulgari

When I was a baby I could just cry

When I was a child I could just dream

When I became a teenager I could just love.

What can I do now?

Life is so short that I cannot breath

That I cannot stop and say "enough"

Because I want to be a child forever.


I cannot remain silent

and let others plan my future

I cannot live my life the way they want to

I cannot let time pass and wait for something magic to happen


I want to live in a world of innocence

in a world without pain and sorrow

I want to love and to be loved

and be free to choose my life path.


After all, it is MY LIFE.

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 20:11


Written by Elena Nelersa

The Mirror

by Elena Nelersa and Fotini Sakellariou

Look deep in a child's eyes

And see yourself in past times,

When you were at his age, maybe younger,

Not knowing what this struggle is

And seeing life with ease so pure.

Now look in a mirror! What do you see?

Is the child still there?

Is the goal, either yours or another's, fulfilled?

Are you still that pure human who just a few years ago

Existed for more then just drinking and eating and fun?


Stare at the mirror closely

Can you see your soul?

Is it there with all your dreams or has it disappeared?

Is your heart full of love and kindness as it used to be,

Or, suddenly, you have become a stranger in your own eyes?


Oh dear! Is that image reflected really you?

How quickly time goes by

You can tell that by the marks it has left on your lovely face

Your external beauty may be gone forever

but your heart's inner beauty is like a child's.

Sunday, 01 May 2011 15:26


Written by Andreea Ivanescu

The Rain

written by Andreea Ivanescu and Catherine Dassiou

It was just a boring rainy day

That little messy raindrops were spraying the grass

All seemed like the clouds won’t ever go away.

The sky was close to become a mess

Because the rain wasn’t clear

It was dirty and sad

It made all feel the fear.

And it made me get mad.

I started running fast

without a destination

to leave that moody place at last

was my one and only intention.

The days went by, there was no hope

I thought the rain would never stop

When, suddenly, I reached a place

that could bad memories erase.

Was it a dream or was it real?

What could this magic place reveal?

The rain there stopped, there were no clouds

you could see only happy crowds.

And then a voice was heard, so sweet

which made my heart so strongly beat

"Just follow what your heart desires

and this can lead you to the stars".

Thursday, 28 April 2011 16:40

Life is about dreaming

Written by Andrei Popa

Life is about dreaming

written by Andrei Popa and Eleni Spanouli


Life is about dreaming.

But no one cares about your dreams

Maybe some of them will never become true

But how can you know if no one believes in you?


Then you'll start asking yourself if you are the only dreamer in the world.

It's your life. You can dream all that you want

And no one can stop you because

Life is about dreaming.


I dream my world changing

I dream of a better life,

of happy people and smiling children.

I dream of a world where love and kindness reigns.


I wish I could find a way to chase away sadness and sorrow.

To sprinkle tiny drops of happiness and joy over the world

and make all the people's dreams come true.

Because life is about dreaming.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011 19:57

Around the world

Written by Stefana Aicoboaie

Around the world

by Stefana Aicoboaie and Helen Dolgira

I want to find the mystery of the world,
To look for the answers of the planet’s questions,
To search for the content of the  nature’s treasure,
All this I can find travelling around the world.

I start swimming in the restless Black Sea ,
I get in the emerald of the Aegean Sea,
There I fall in love with the sky, sun and moon
And I decided I want to be a Greek.

There, I meet a new friend, a co-traveller that wants to join my journey
Together we admire the uniqueness of the pyramids
and man's faith to God, when we face the cathedral of Agia Sophia.
Moving in time and history, we enter the Forbidden city.

As we gaze the beauty of the Taj Mahal,
we  realize that loving a person can make miracles happen.
Crossing the endless Indian and Atlantic Oceans
We are there to worship the Mayas' wisdom and face world's unsolved mysteries.

Flying over the highest mountaintops, we go back to my country
and at the view of the Carpathian Mountains
and the earthly paradise of the Danube Delta
I hear my co-traveller say "Thank you for this revealing journey, my dear friend".


Tuesday, 19 April 2011 14:42

Wonders of the Night

Written by Ioana Bejan

Wonders of the Night

written by Ioana Bejan and Venia Sakellariou

When the daylight appears,

Nothing seems to be weird.

The sun, the forest, the clouds

You can see everything around.


But when the moonbeams touch the ground

A star is glimmering in the shadow of the unknown

The face of nature is being sketched in tiny drops of dew, but they are bound

To die when the dawn appears, and leave the notorious sad willow alone.


The wondrous night is always there after the sunset

With its sacred magic, it travels you wherever you desire

It takes your mind off of the real world

Making you feel like a carefree little child again.


But when the sun appears again high in the blue sky and warms your lovely face,

You are brought back to reality once more,

Stronger this time, and more optimistic,

Ready to face any difficulty that may arise.


Because you have witnessed the wonders of the night.



Monday, 18 April 2011 13:51

Special story

Written by Ioana Mincu

A Special Story

written by Ioana Mincu and Despoina Anagnostopoulou

This is not the usual story

When a boy and a girl meet.

Actually, it is neither about a glory

Or about an abnormal feat.


It started with a special child

Which grew up without seeing

That the world was turning wild

Which wasn't good for the human being.


He was at the age of fourteen

His voice was gentle and sweet

His eyes sparkled, emerald green

Such a pure heart you would never meet


In a world of broken dreams

He could not face sorrow and fear

In people's painful screams

He always shed a tear


He knew he could find a way

To sooth and heal our hearts

He took his guitar one bright new day

And here's where the special story starts


He sang about peace and hope

He sang about innocence and love

He wanted injustice to stop

This was what he was always dreaming of.


His sweet voice singing

was like a ray of light in the dark

He fought for a better world

A rainbow appeared into the black.

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