Cooperative Poems

In this part of the project students write their own poems on one of the following themes: “Childhood Memories”, “Our World”, “The Environment” or any other theme of their choice. The important thing in this activity is that the partner students will work together in groups to write the poem. Students from Romania start writing the first stanzas of the poem and send it to their partners to develop it.  Students from Greece add more stanzas to their partners’ poems until the final cooperative poem is ready. The partner students are free to choose the poetic style they are going to follow or they can even write in free verse!
Free verse is poetry that is written without any rules about form, rhyme, rhythm ect.  In free verse the writer makes their own rules, by deciding how the poem should look, fee and sound.  Free verse in English has been around since King James Bible, especially the Psalms and the Song of Solomon.  Writing free verse became an in important and widespread movement in poetry.  In the twentienth century, free verse became the dominant mode of poets writing in English.

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