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Wonders of the Night

Written by  Ioana Bejan
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Wonders of the Night

written by Ioana Bejan and Venia Sakellariou

When the daylight appears,

Nothing seems to be weird.

The sun, the forest, the clouds

You can see everything around.


But when the moonbeams touch the ground

A star is glimmering in the shadow of the unknown

The face of nature is being sketched in tiny drops of dew, but they are bound

To die when the dawn appears, and leave the notorious sad willow alone.


The wondrous night is always there after the sunset

With its sacred magic, it travels you wherever you desire

It takes your mind off of the real world

Making you feel like a carefree little child again.


But when the sun appears again high in the blue sky and warms your lovely face,

You are brought back to reality once more,

Stronger this time, and more optimistic,

Ready to face any difficulty that may arise.


Because you have witnessed the wonders of the night.




  • Comment Link Belogia Paraskevi Saturday, 07 May 2011 13:51 posted by Belogia Paraskevi

    Ioana, your poems are so beautiful..you have the gift to transform words into images and that's exactly the talent of being a poet..:)

  • Comment Link Ioana Bejan Sunday, 12 June 2011 14:42 posted by Ioana Bejan

    Thanks, Venia, for filling the white space in my poem with those beautiful words!
    Wish i had to do more poems like this one :)

  • Comment Link Sakellariou Venia Thursday, 21 July 2011 12:02 posted by Sakellariou Venia

    thanks.....i love yours poems Ioana.....and i believe really that this poem is very beutiful and nice.....

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