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Around the world

Written by  Stefana Aicoboaie
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Around the world

by Stefana Aicoboaie and Helen Dolgira

I want to find the mystery of the world,
To look for the answers of the planet’s questions,
To search for the content of the  nature’s treasure,
All this I can find travelling around the world.

I start swimming in the restless Black Sea ,
I get in the emerald of the Aegean Sea,
There I fall in love with the sky, sun and moon
And I decided I want to be a Greek.

There, I meet a new friend, a co-traveller that wants to join my journey
Together we admire the uniqueness of the pyramids
and man's faith to God, when we face the cathedral of Agia Sophia.
Moving in time and history, we enter the Forbidden city.

As we gaze the beauty of the Taj Mahal,
we  realize that loving a person can make miracles happen.
Crossing the endless Indian and Atlantic Oceans
We are there to worship the Mayas' wisdom and face world's unsolved mysteries.

Flying over the highest mountaintops, we go back to my country
and at the view of the Carpathian Mountains
and the earthly paradise of the Danube Delta
I hear my co-traveller say "Thank you for this revealing journey, my dear friend".



  • Comment Link Belogia Paraskevi Saturday, 07 May 2011 13:49 posted by Belogia Paraskevi

    Stefana, I travelled to so many places with your are amazing! I hope my student, Eleni, who is writing the next lines of the poem, will continue this magic journey through words!:)

  • Comment Link Stefana Aicoboaie Friday, 10 June 2011 21:41 posted by Stefana Aicoboaie

    You did a very good job! I like very much your way to write! Thank you for this beautiful journey, my dear friend.

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