Limericks were used in Nursery Rhymes and other poems for children. Limericks have been traced back to the fourteenth century English history. The word Limerick comes from the Irish town of Limerick.  The content of Limericks is often bawdy and humorous.  A Limerick as poetry is simple and short, as Limericks only have five lines.  The theme of our Limericks is “People”.

Thursday, 03 February 2011 20:08


Written by Spanouli Eleni

There once was a girl named Bell

who lived in a beautiful shell

she once went to Tom

when a crab stole her home

so homeless was left, the poor girl!

Thursday, 03 February 2011 19:59

Grandma Jinx

Written by Dolgira Eleni

There once was a grandma named Jinx

who knew the karate techniques

she used all the tricks

she won all the geeks

and everything wrong she could fix.

Thursday, 03 February 2011 19:39

A Girl from Ghana

Written by Tsioufi Anastasia

There once was a girl from Ghana

that everyone called pretty Anna

but she had slanted eyes

and she ate lots of rice

till she turned yellow like a banana.

Thursday, 03 February 2011 19:31


Written by Voulgari Maria

There once was a man named Dirty

Who weighed one hundred and thirty

He was like a balloon

and he flew to the moon

where he lost weight and weighed only thirty.

Thursday, 03 February 2011 19:20

A Young Man from Greece

Written by Dima Orges

There once was a young man from Greece

who wanted all women to kiss

but he once fell in love

with a woman named Dove

and marrying her was all he wished.

Thursday, 03 February 2011 19:17


Written by Arohovitis Napoleon

The most special music is rock

it's secrets cannot be unlocked

the music is loud

it touches the crowd

and all of them rockers are called.

Thursday, 03 February 2011 19:15

A Lazy Boy

Written by Mitroulias Efthimis

There once was a boy so lazy

who drove all the teachers crazy

His homework undone

He always made fun

but his big love was beautiful Daisy.

Sunday, 30 January 2011 11:59


Written by Sakellariou Fotini

There once was a girl named Betty

Who liked to eat just spaghetti

And she went so fat

She could not wear her hat

So her man left her for pretty Katie

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