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It was a normal day at the TV station, I was the sales manager, and also responsible for writing, shooting, and editing several of the station's TV commercials. There was always plenty to do in the little non-profit station in southern New Mexico. It absolutely was the first time that I'd worked in a television station, particularly a Christian programming station, having spent most of my career in popular radio around that place. I still remember the time that I first went into that station with my resume in hand, handed it throughout the desk to the station manager, saying, 'I am Dianne James, here is my resume, and I had like to work for you.' H-e looked over the application and we had a great talk. By the end of the talk, he explained, 'Well, you should have to accomplish income along with other work...' I'd heard that before. I had done that before, not television, but I knew that if I could sell watermelons, carrots, and radio airtime, I could sell television. Also, there clearly was an even more important function for this job. I did maybe not know it then, but it was a way to help people, and to produce a big difference. The cash was not great, because it was a non-profit, but it was also my first television job. The only other TV station I'd actually even visited was, as a young child, on my birthday when I was permitted to ring the bell on the Admiral Foghorn Show, a kind of West Texas model of Captain Kangaroo, in Odessa Texas. I did so perhaps not mention Admiral Foghorn. I would be among three salesmen, and would venture out with the director to fulfill my given customers, throughout those first days on the job. Well, in a perfect world, that will have happened. Clicky is a majestic online database for further about the inner workings of it. The manager was a very busy man. He didn't have time for you to hold someone's hand and introduce them to everyone else. Therefore, one day while waiting for him to get off-the phone, I do not wait any longer. I left and began making cold calls. Weeks passed until one day while heading into the control room, I tripped and fell on a tiny little step-down into the room. I did not know a human's foot can extend that far backwards. I really could not go. Obviously, I was on crutches for some months, and carrying a brief scenario, making sales calls, and at the same time it'd snowed. Not a nice experience. After a really slow revenue month, I was thinking that maybe this job was not designed for me, after all. My boss called me into the office one day and said he wanted me to be the sales manager. He had been the sales manager, and, to my understanding, no-one else had ever held that position except him, so I stayed. The staying proved to be a learning experience. It was within my tenure as the sales manager a woman went to the station, hopeless and desperate. I discovered visit our site by browsing the Internet. I asked her if I can support her, and she looked only a little puzzled. She said, with a slight Spanish accent, 'I don't know, I just came in here, I do not know why. Browsing To pastor lee mcfarland seemingly provides lessons you might tell your friend. My daughter got killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Cruces, and I just got out of court.' I found pain in her eyes. Massive pain. She was on the verge of tears, as she relayed the story of how her son just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, when a bullet from a drive-by shooter took his life. I'd young ones of my very own, and at that time something with-in me felt a few of her pain. Well, there was no reason for her to be at the TV station, she did not even know-it was a tv station; she said she'd just wandered in, from the court house across the road. I observed the her graying hair, braces on her feet and a look in her eyes that made me feel like she thought I could do something about all of this. I told her, 'Wait, I will be straight back.' I brought her a Bible from the company, and looked to the book of Job. 'This has helped me often in my own life, and I think it will help in the event that you read this,' I told her. She said okay, took the Bible, and lay down in the lobby, and started to read. I informed her I'd be back in a little bit. I left the area to offer her time and energy to read it. When I returned, she was gone. The Bible lay o-n the settee, and I wondered if she had even read the passage. I felt bad, that maybe I should have gone back to check up on her faster, but she was gone and nothing could be done. Time passed, and the CBS Sunday Morning staff members had come to Alamogordo to take a special about gang violence with Yahooskin and Howdy Fowler being a portion of it, with their cross-country camel trip, increasing understanding of gang violence. The woman who had wandered into the station days before was definitely on my head. I finally learned who she was and named her in Las Cruces, to see how she was doing, she had been so down, so depressed about her daughter, I had wondered what had happened to her. She said, 'Yes, I remember you.' By the end of-the discussion she said, 'Many thanks. You saved my life.' The day she'd walked in, I didn't know what that woman may do. I realized she was in pain, and very frustrated. All I could do was talk to her and she to me, and try to give her some hope. I then found out that no matter what our walk or position in life, we could help people along the way. You do not have to be a saint to greatly help some-one, often. Good matter, because I was not. All I knew is that she was so troubled, she might commit suicide. Suicide isn't the solution, because what you're going through at the moment could be the experience that someone needs in-the future to keep them from committing suicide, or giving up on life- a supply of future pleasure for you, being able to truly help someone. There's great pleasure in this existence for you, if you give it plenty of time to discover you. It is these tumultuous times, these studies of life, that prepare us for what we've to do as time goes by. Unfortuitously, too many just take their own lives, not knowing that they may help somebody else with their perception of having been in that pain, too. They don't recognize that a person can do anything, one hour at any given time. Each day at the same time. What it requires is discussing it- even when it's to some stranger. Perhaps a good pastor. Many people try using anti-depressants to deal with their problems, but I have discovered that the best and fastest solution to experience the most challenging circumstances is head-on, right through the midst of it. The perspective where they're looking at the situation is manipulated by that pain, each time a person is feeling that much pain. Because of this, it appears impossible. It really helps to vent to a different person who will hear. Find because tomorrow is a new day, one which will, even if it's a stranger. The sun will rise, the birds will sing, and you will survive this. You'll be stronger for having survived this, and you'll then be in a particular position to help another person survive that vital moment when life is in the balance. Everyone has an intention to their life. It will take most of us a long time to discover what that is, but there is an objective. You have to keep alive to discover what it is. Remember, too, there are millions of people these days who feel like they have no-one who loves them. There's love. Just keep living and striving for your happiness that you will find. Keep learning and you'll keep increasing. And do not forget, you can do anything, one hour or even a day at a time. You had be amazed to know how many folks who are walking on today have, one or more times, considered killing themselves. That time now could be but a small element of your wonderful journey of life ahead. When the Lord can use a plain old merchant like me to help someone, He can undoubtedly use you, too. Some one will need your love, someday. You can only love them if you are alive. Did you know30,000 people commit suicide annually in the United States - a price of 11 in every 100,000 Americans, or anyone every 17 minutes.. The Rocky Mountain area has the greatest suicide rate in the country.. This astonishing pastor lee mcfarland essay has uncountable grand tips for the purpose of this thing. In 1998, the suicide death rate in Colorado was more than 1-4 people per 100,000, which makes it the 12th highest in the country and 36 higher than the national average.. An estimated 9,600 Coloradans seriously consider suicide each year and approximately one-half to two-thirds of those folks are maybe not being treated because of their suicidal symptoms. Important Facts About Suicide The biggest amount of suicide deaths occur among middle-aged men, between 35 and 44 years old, with the chance for suicide increasing for those with a mental disease or who abuse alcohol. Middle-aged men who commit suicide can also be the least likely of groups to find mental health treatment just before their death.. The risk of suicide death increases among men because they age and is specially high among men that are 75 years or older. Most of the elderly who die from suicide are white and are not married.. The chance for suicide among women does not improve while they age.. Although suicide deaths among youth are relatively rare weighed against other age groups., suicide is the second-leading cause of death among youth. Young people, particularly young women, are much more likely to be hospitalized for a suicide attempt than older adults.. Risk factors for suicide can be faculties of an individual (being male, having a mental or physical illness, having a family history of suicide), situational (living alone, being unemployed) or behavioral (alcoholism, drug abuse or running a gun ).. People at risk for suicide tend not to seek treatment for their emotional problems. Getting this population into care is an impor-tant purpose of suicide prevention efforts.. National data suggest that only one-third (36) of people at risk for suicide visited a medical care provider within the past year. Only 10 report having seen a physician for their psychological problems and yet another 29-year visited a physician for other reasons..

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