Hellenic Association of Computer Scientists – Celebration of 20 years

Τηλεημερίδα για τα 20 χρόνια της Ένωσης Πληροφορικών Ελλάδος

Thursday 18th June 19:00 – Live streaming: https://www.epe.org.gr/live

Culture at a Crossroads… The Socio-Political Responsibility of Computer Scientists: Active Citizens or “Big Brother” Printers?

Ο Πολιτισμός σε Σταυροδρόμι… Η Κοινωνική-Πολιτική Ευθύνη των Πληροφορικών: Ενεργοί Πολίτες ή δακτυλογράφοι του “Μεγάλου Αδελφου”;

Keynote speaker: Christos Papadimitriou, Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University

Intervene – Comment:

  • Sotiris Syrmakezis, Biomedical Group, former executive of fintech in large banks
  • Dr. Spyros Papadakis, Organizational Coordinator of PE.K.E.S. Western Greece, Adjunct Professor Hellenic Open University,
  • Dimitris Tsigos, Founder of Starttech Ventures, former President of the Hellenic Association of Informatics and the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs

The panel was moderated by journalist Giannis Rizopoulos.

Video (in Greek): https://youtu.be/06vKSNOCs3M?t=415