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Applications in Chemistry

  Using a simple process, it is possible the camera - spectroscope to be used as a typical laboratory spectrophotometer in various areas of chemistry. The process is shown in the following pictures.

Step 1

Take a photo of the spectrum.
Step 2

Insert the photo in the computer and open it with an image processing software (Gimp, Photoshop). Desaturate it by luminosity and convert it to *.fit file format.

Step 3

Open the fit file with the FV software (a NASA's HEASARC shoftware) and take the spectral profile.

In the next picture, the spectral profiles of KMnO4 solutions are shown.

Step 4

Having the spectral profile, we can calculate the absorption and carry out the calculations we want.

In the next picture, a standard calibration curve is shown.

 Detailed description of the construction and operation of the camera-spectroscope and the applications of the method in various areas of chemistry are in the following work:

Construction of a simple spectroscope - Applications in Chemistry

You can try the method proposed here, using the pictures of spectra in the link below:

Spectra of KMnO4 solutions

A brief tutorial on how to plot spectral profiles using Fv, can be found in the link below:

How to plot spectral profiles using Fv

Bazanos Panteleimon, chemist - secondary education teacher