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   Fairydusted Tales
      eTwinning Project

                         Skiathos Junior High School, Greece.
                          Gymnazium Cheb, The Czech Republic.
                          Lycee Marguerite Yourcenar, France.
                         Scoala cu Clasele I-VIII Traian, Romania.

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Group 14
Kamy, Brenda, Anca, Roxy, Panos, George, Ilias, Konstantinos, Nick

Kamy, Brenda, Anca, Roxy

Kisses from my country Romania, which is the best
Adolescent I am and have lot of dreams
My motto is: If you don' t have schooling, you don' t have anything
Young and strong for ever, we' ll be

Best of my friends is my desk mate Roxana
Really good at school and lots of
Energy in class I have
Nothing can stop me!
Dear friends I am
Always so happy

Always I have trust in my own forces
Now I' m really delighted about this project
Crocus is my favorite flower and an
Actress I would like to be

Real friends can always call me
Oxxy, and from all the movie kind
X-men is my favorite one
Yellow colour suits me fine, please discover us if you like!

Panos, George,Ilias, Konstantinos and Nick
Hello everyone!
Our group consists of 5 members: Panos, George,Ilias, Konstantinos and Nick.
We all have almost the same interests and all of us like playing basketball and computer games!
Konstantinos and Ilias are also good at football!
Ilias is playing the piano and Panos is playing the guitar!
George is drawing and painting very well.
Despite the fact that we like almost the same things our taste in music is completely different!