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 Latest news

  • The Greek school met the Italian school. See photos

  • Students wrote about their typical weekday. See details.

  • We made our first video conference. See photos and videos.

  • Both team made two quizzes about movies.  See details

  • Our first crosswords are ready. Greek team made one about Greece and Italian team about ItalySolve them!



about the project


During this project, after the presentation of profiles of both groups, quizzes, crossword puzzles and mind maps based on a specific topic will be exchanged. The answers will be traced after searching the internet-books and will be uploading in the e-twinning common space or web site.



Through these games students get familiarised with the peer group in a way that provides an insight into each country culture, traditions and daily life. A further objective is a steady drilling and improvement of the English language and ICT skills.



-Students will finally get to each other. -They will be familiarized with each country culture, civilization, tradition and habits. -They will improve ICT skills. -They will become competent English language users.


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