Flash Games     ( F11 - Full Screen )

tetris Create horizontal lines using the falling blocks. When you make a line, it is cleared from the screen. Use the arrow keys to move blocks
pacman Use the arrow keys to move, eat the dots avoid ghosts
snake Classic Snake Game - Play in three difficulty level, as SLUG, WORM, and PYTHON
fall Big fall  

battleships Predict the location of the enemy battleships. Guess correctly and sink those ships. Guess incorrectly and your battleships will eventually be sunk!
deal or no deal Deal or No Deal is the name of several closely related television game shows. It is played with up to 26 cases with certain sums of money
mah_jongg Classic mah-jongg chinese solitaire game match up two of the same tiles or groups and remove all to win

blox Move the blocks over and match them up to remove them
mastermind Pick a combination of different colors and guess which one is correct
othello Place your white piece down and change the computer's black pieces to white most pieces wins
ray-ray Get these cute little guys to ALL stand up - click and see what happens!
bottles You have 3L & 5L bottles. Can you measure out 4L of water ?
tower of Hanoi Move all the disks over to Tower 3 (with your mouse). But you cannot place a larger disk onto a smaller disk.
frogs Move all the frogs to the other side.
A frog can jump over one frog to an empty rock , but only over one.
highway Move the cars on the parking lot dragging them. Try to free the racing car
rubic_cube There is a cube composed of 27 blocks (9 blocks on each face), you need to rotate the rows of blocks until the colours of the blocks in each of the faces are the same
Telescope 1 Use the telescopes to push and pull the ball (Levels 1-15)
Telescope 2 Use the telescopes to push and pull the ball (Levels 16-25)
Telescope 3 Use the telescopes to push and pull the ball (Block Levels)
plumber Being a plumber is hard work
electricbox It's time to think outside the box

Application Games

Smile-Sudoku Generate, Play, Print and Solve puzzles. 10 random Levels  simple-easy-medium-hard-diabolical.
Color help, Markers , Filters, Hint (Basic, Pair, Triplet, X-Wing, Coloring, Quad, Forcing A & B)
Smile-Solitaire Some solitaires with Undo-Redo-Next_move etc.