MUN procedure Vocabulary

Μαρ 13th, 2014

Delegate: Representative of a nation.

The Floor: The floor is the podium, where delegates make speeches and answer questions.

Placard: A piece of plastic or cardboard that has the name of the country written on it in bold and large letters. Every delegate has a placard. These are used extensively during debate, to request to make speeches and during voting.

The House: The committee is called the house.

?No commotion on the floor? / ?Will the house please come to order?/ Order in the House!: The chair is telling the delegates to sit down and stop talking!

To Second: To agree with something.

Speaker?s List: List of nations that signaled to the chair that they want to make a speech. This will be written on the board for all delegates to see.

Voting by roll call: In typical voting, delegates raise their placards when asked whether they are ?in favour? or ?against? the specific thing that is being voted. The chair counts placards to determine outcome of vote. (?Abstaining may or may not be in order.) In roll call voting, the chair calls on each nation separately, one by one, and each nation will state whether they are ?in favour?, or ?against?

Agenda: The topic of discussion.

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