By Αικατερίνη Σταμάτη
In Croatia
Απρ 25th, 2015

Committee: UNCRC

Topic: The right to development

Country: Croatia

Delegate Name: Anthia Albani

The Preamble of the Declaration on the Right to Development states «development is a comprehensive economic, social, cultural and political process, which aims at the constant improvement of the well-being of the entire population and of all individuals on the basis of their active, free and meaningful participation in development and in the fair distribution of benefits resulting there from.??

The right to development was first recognized in 1981 in Article 22 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples” Rights as a definitive individual and collective right. Today, the Right to Development is greatly recognized by many countries as a right and a privilege. This has helped developing countries stand up for themselves and improve their quality of life. However, many states reject the elaboration of legally binding instruments on the Right to Development. Our topic (Right to Development) can be approached in many ways

  • The right to economical development (ex. globalization, economic exploitation)
  • The right to cultural development (ex.  freedom of religion, cultural achievements)
  • The right to social development (ex.  Gender equality, freedom of speech)
  • The right to political development (ex. Citizenship, voting right)


Regarding to the right to political development, the Republic of Croatia defines that the government shall separate into the legislative, executive and judicial branches (article 4 of the constitution of Croatia) and allows the formation of political parties provided that they do not endanger the democratic constitutional order, independence, unity or territorial integrity of the Republic of Croatia (article 6). According to article 8, Croatian citizenship, its acquisition and termination shall be regulated by law, while the deprivation of any citizen is prohibited, and according to article 45, universal and equal suffrage are ensured for all citizens of the Republic, who have reached the age of eighteen years, and the ones that find themselves outside its borders.

Concerning the right to cultural development, as per article 49, freedom of scientific, cultural and artistic creativity shall be guaranteed and the development of science, culture and the arts shall be stimulated and assisted by the Republic. In addition, the Republic shall protect scientific, cultural and artistic goods as spiritual national values and guarantee the protection of moral and material rights deriving from scientific, cultural, artistic, intellectual and other creative endeavor. Furthermore, in the opinion of article 40, the Republic of Croatia shall guarantee freedom of conscience and religion and free public profession of religion and other convictions.

As for the right to social development, regarding to the article 112 of the Croatian constitution, the Government of the Republic of Croatia shall be responsible for the economic development of the country and the state shall encourage the economic progress and social welfare of its citizens, and care for the economic development of all regions (article 49). Also, regarding to the article 51, everyone shall participate in the defrayment of public expenses, in accordance with their economic capability. The tax system shall be based upon the principles of equality and equity.

In the matter of the right to social development, article 38 of the constitution of Croatia guarantees freedom of thought and expression of thought, including freedom of the press, freedom of speech and public expression. However, censorship is forbidden, while journalists have the right to access and report information, which can be corrected. In addition, the Republic shall promote physical culture and sports (article 68) and guarantee the right of ownership, but holders of the right of ownership and its users shall contribute to the general welfare. The right of inheritance shall be guaranteed as well (article 48). Regarding to article 55, everyone shall have the right to work and the right of social security and social insurance shall be regulated by law (article 57). Everyone shall be guaranteed the right to freedom of association (article 43) and may freely form trade unions and other associations, join them or leave them, in compliance with law, provided that it does not form a violent threat to the democratic constitutional order. Finally, the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia is attempting to strengthen equality between women and men in all areas of human activity, by raising awareness of women in all environments about their real position and the need to adjust it to general human standards, and by providing support women in the realization of their rights and in the creation of conditions for the efficient resolution of problems.

Taking all these important issues into account, Croatia believes that the international community plays a significant role in the protection of the right to development. Croatia, therefore, proposes that all UN state members formulate and execute a national policy to monitor enforcement of development legislation and laws.

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