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The students will attempt to explore the meaning of Fair Trade, mainly focusing on Cocoa and Chocolate production and trade. That is, the production process of Cocoa in the Ivory Coast and neighbouring countries in West Africa and around the world before chocolate as a final product reaches the shops of the developed countries.
Our project will address issues such as poverty, child labour, exploitation, which are often the harsh reality in the countries that produce cocoa. The students will be aware of the paradoxical fact that the poor, developing countries are the exclusive producers of all the commodities which are consumed by the over-consumptive developed world. Besides, people in the developing world consume very little due to their extremely limited spending power to and the poverty they live in. Therefore, the Fair Trade will be approached as an alternative to world injustice as far as wealth distribution and human rights are concerned.
If you can see the European project eTwinning : «Fair Trade-The Cacao Route 2016-2017» in detail, press

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