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A. Upload quiz. Theory I

In order to upload a quiz to the internet, the hot pepper quiz creator, needs 3 information pieces
  1. Site location
  2. Upload folder and
  3. Upload password

B. Upload quiz. Theory II

To get these 3 information pieces, you have 2 options
  • Option 1 (easy): E-mail at kaimaktsalan@yahoo.com and ask to obtain them without any obligation. It is absolutely free. You will receive a set of these infos. You can upload the quiz any time you want. Your quiz will be visible at the site
  • Option 2: If you wish to upload your quiz on your personal site eg
    and be visible at the address eg
    it is needed to do the following just once
hot pepper

hot pepper

C. Option 2, details

  1. Whichever way (you may need the help of a person experienced in computers), create beneath the root folder of your site a subfolder with the name quiz (see adjusent picture).
    Upload location will be the
    Attention! Notice that there is no slash (/) at the end of the Upload location
  2. Copy file hotpepup.php, located in the folder where you installed the program - probably
    C:\Program Files (x86)\hotpep\hotpep if you have windows Vista or later, or
    C:\Program Files\hotpep\hotpep if you have windows XP or earlier - to a temporary location eg in the folder "My Documents"
  3. With a simple text editor, eg Notepad, open the copy and change the code secret to something different and more personal eg qwerty (for security reasons)

      case 'secret':
        $valid = true;
        $superUser = true;

      case 'qwerty':
        $valid = true;
        $superUser = true;

  4. Exit from Notepad, saving your change
  5. Move the changed copy of the file hotpepup.php to the folder quiz of your site (experienced person?). Now your Upload password is qwerty
    For Upload folder you can use names such as quiz1 quiz2 etc
  6. From inside the program hot pepper quiz creator, go to General tab, fill in the Site location and the Upload password with your personalized data and then press Upload SYSTEM files button
Attention! System files must be uploaded (step 6) every time your hot pepper is updated. This responsibility is yours. We recommend you to do so, in order for your internet quizzes, to benefit from the new improvements.
hot pepper

D. Upload quiz1

Now, you can easily upload your quizzes on your site by simply pressing a button. Your quizzes will be seen at the address
Perhaps you want to upload your first quiz in folder quiz1
Fill the text-input fields, as in the adjusent picture and press either
  • Save + Upload All Uploads questions and multimedia unconditionally
  • Save + Upload Changes Uploads questions and only the multimedia that changed or are new
  • Save + Upload Questions Only Uploads only the questions
hot pepper

E. Your site

After uploading some quizzes, your site
will look like the adjusent picture.
Focusing on the 1st quiz ...
  • Greek means that the author addresses Greek-speaking pupils
  • Scratch-XMAS TREE is the title of the quiz
  • Computation Thinking is the name of the author!
  • quiz1 is the folder of this quiz. The folder where questions and multimedia are stored. The name of the folder is very useful because it will be used to upload or download this specific quiz
  • wm4h is the id of the quiz. Typically every quiz must have a different id
  • 2 is the version of this quiz. In fact, this is the number of updates it underwent
  • 8 It's how many times was selected by the pupils (last quiz is not selected yet)
hot pepper

hot pepper

F. Subfolders (ver 14.6.24 and later)

ATTENTION: If you had uploaded the file hotpepup.php before this version, and you want to benefit from this improvement, you have to upload this file again. See here.

If you want to have your quizzes organized in subfolders, all you need is to decide the structure of the folders.
Suppose you want a structure such as in the adjacent picture and you want to upload a geometry quiz (quiz1) on the geom folder.
Let us assume that the Site location of your hot pepper quizzes is eg.


The path to the quiz1, starting just after the quiz folder is


There is no need for this path to exist. Hot pepper quiz creator will build the whole path in seconds. The only think for you to do is to write this path in the Upload folder text input area.
Optionally, you can provide, meaningful names for every (or some) subfolder of this path except the last one, which takes its name from the title of the quiz. Eg.

Mathematics/Class B!/Geometry

Mathematics will be the (meaningful) name for the math folder
Class B! will be the (meaningful) name for the B folder and
Geometry will be the (meaningful) name for the geom folder.
If you, later, want to rename the geom folder as Euclidean geometry, upload again your quiz, providing as meaningful names

//Euclidean geometry

the names for the other folders will remain intact.
If you want to rename the B folder as B class, upload again your quiz, providing as meaningful names just

/B class

the names for the other two folders will remain intact.
If you want to rename the math folder as High School mathematics, and geom folder as Euclidean Geo, leaving untouched the B folder, upload again your quiz, providing as meaningful names

High School mathematics//Euclidean Geo

the name for the B folder will remain intact.