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Word Puzzle
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A. Word Puzzle

The adjacent picture shows a question, where a few words must be placed by the pupil appropriately to form a sentence.
  • There can be many combinations and can be formed more than one sentences
  • It is OK for the pupil to compose just one of them
  • It is responsibility of the teacher to predict all the possible sentences, in order not to expose himself in the eyes of the pupil
  • The teacher can also accept sentences with fewer words. That is sentences not using all the proposed words
  • The answer of the pupil will be graded as either completely correct (if he form any of the teacher's sentences) or as completely wrong. There is no intermediate state.
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B. Word Puzzle

  • By successively clicking on the words, the pupil moves them to the upper side, trying to form a sentence.
  • When feels ready, he presses the Submit button
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C. Word Puzzle

The results after pressing the Submit button.

As you may have guessed, there is a slight affinity between Word Puzzle and Put In Order questions.
But, be careful! The Put In Order category is mainly for historical phrases, that have been said with a standard fixed way.
In contrary the Word Puzzle category is for everyday phrases that can be said in many different ways. It is more suitable for learning foreign languages.

Word Puzzle In Order
priority The words do not have any priority The words do have priority
correctness The answer is evaluated as correct, if exactly matches to one of the proposed sentences The answer is evaluated as correct, if the priorities (of the words) are not descending
organic multimedia No! Only words Yes! Words can be mixed with images
decorative multimedia Yes (eg. the image of the book at the left) Yes