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Glossary of terms
by Rafael ?vila Coya - Monday, 7 January 2013, 11:49 PM

Last 26 of December we opened a global Glossary of terms.

The purpose of this glossary is to provide a description of difficult or unknown terms that we find in forums and wikis around the different sections of the site.

For example, if in one forum somebody writes the term allegory, he/she may find interesting to add an entry for that word in the Glossary of terms, so anybody else that comes across the word allegory in that forum or anywhere else in the Moodle site, he/she will be given an easy to access description of that word.

In other words: if we add the term allegory to the Glossary of terms, when that word appears anywhere in the site, it will be automatically highlighted, and clicking on it will popup a window with a description of that term.

We hope that the Glossary of terms will make the site a little more interactive and user-friendly, and to give us the oportunity to learn about concepts we are not very familiar with.

Of course, we can add not only literary terms, but also names of writers (Lorca, Jos? Lu?s Peixoto, etc.), kings and politicians (Ferdinand II, Garibaldi, etc.), localities (Bronte, Caprera, etc.), and so on.

Everyone is invited to add entries to the Glossary of terms. If we are interested, we'll be able to print the whole collection of terms at the end of the project with just one click!

To add your new term to the Glossary, just follow these easy steps. It's very simple!