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                         Skiathos Junior High School, Greece.
                          Gymnazium Cheb, The Czech Republic.
                          Lycee Marguerite Yourcenar, France.
                         Scoala cu Clasele I-VIII Traian, Romania.

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Group 10
Denisa, Alex, Ioana, Dan, Salomé, Astrid, Charline

Denisa, Alex, Ioana, Dan

Dear friends,
Every one of us, from this group
Never sad they are, but happy
Inspirited and friendly each day
School is great but more we like
A spare time to pass

A great time we think we' ll have
Lessons more interesting will be as
Excellent friends we' ll make
Xenia is our favorite character, and

Indiana Jones is our inspiration
Once we start for a new quest
Adventure through fairy tales
Never gets us bored, though
After homework we prefer football and handball

Dogs we like and cats as pets
And before we say farewell
Now, please, spell our names!

Salomé, Astrid, Charline
Charline and Salomé are 15 years old and Astrid 17. We have brown hair. Charline has blue eyes, Astrid brown eyes and Salomé green eyes. We live in the suburbs of Paris. We all have pets. We are three left - handed girls. We are interested in music. We listen to all kinds of music. We love sports. Salomé practices boxing, Charline practices tennis and Astrid doesn' t practice anything.

Cool and funny

I am cool and funny.
I like holidays.
I love sleeping.
I hate spiders.
I want to meet new friends.
I am cool and funny.
II can make different sports.
I cannot play tennis.
I must sleep.
I need to listen to music everyday.
I am cool and funny.
I' d like to play tennis every week.
I believe in the ghosts.
I feel fine when Iím with my family.
I dream of living in the USA.
I am cool and funny.

Nice and friendly

I am nice and friendly.
I like my friends.
I love the beach.
I hate big head.
I want to have a good life later.
I am nice and friendly.
I can speak Portuguese.
I cannot rollerblade.
I must be more eccentric.
I must not be messy.
I need to always listen music.
I am nice and friendly.
I dream of travelling in hot countries.
I worry about seeing spiders.
I remember my best moments.
I try not to be jealous.
I' d like to have children later.
I am nice and friendly.

Sociable and curious

I am sociable and curious.
I like calling my friends.
I love discovering new things.
I hate selfish people.
I want to discover the world.
I am sociable and curious.
I can act in front of an audience.
I cannot forget my friends.
I must have a job.
I must not miss my studies.
I need to have a family and friends.
I am sociable and curious.
I' d like to take a plane one day.
I worry about my life future.
I try to do my best.
I feel happy when I do a drawing.
I am sociable and curious.