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   Fairydusted Tales
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                         Skiathos Junior High School, Greece.
                          Gymnazium Cheb, The Czech Republic.
                          Lycee Marguerite Yourcenar, France.
                         Scoala cu Clasele I-VIII Traian, Romania.

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Group 4
Perrine, Léa, Steven, Rebecca, Alex, Panagiota

Our group in 5 words: Nice, funny, music, friends and curious.
If we were a fairy tale we would be Hansel and Gretel because we like sweets.
If we were a character in a fairy tale, we would be the fairy Tinkerbell because she can fly.
If we could have lunch with a famous person in history, it would be Kurt Cobain because we love him.
Our greatest hope: go to Japan.
Our favourite film is LOL because it is a story with music.
If we were stuck on a desert island for the rest of our lives and could only take three items, we would take: a guitar, a multi-fonction pocket knife and a fishing rod.
If we could make three wishes: we wish there was less poverty in the world, everybody was happy and there was music everyday in the streets of the cities of the earth.

My name is Rebecca, but my friends call me Sasuke from an Anime, called Naruto. All my friends have nicknames, but if this sounds strange to you, you can just call me Rebecca. I' m 14 to 15 years old. In my group, we are three members, Alexandros, Panayiota and I. As you may have understood, I like anime (Japanese cartoons) and my favorite one is Naruto. Apart from anime, I really like music, especially Rock! I listen to Rock, Punk, metal and Rock n Roll music! Some of my favorite bands are My chemical Romance, The Beatles, The Doors, The Ramones, Bullet for my Valentine, Muse, Radiohead, AC-DC, Black Sabbath, Fall out Boy and many, many others that I can' t mention, because this will take too long. I also love sketching.

I' m Alex and I' m fifteen years old. I live in the beautiful island of Skiathos. I was born on January 17th, 1995. I' m in the third grade of Junior High School. I also have a brother, who is older than me. I have many interests. I like taking photos and especially photos of airplanes. I also like playing "Flight Simulator". I have a website about airplanes. I love my island. I like the sea, the sun and the beaches. My favorite season is the summer, because we don' t have school and the island is full of people.

My name is Panagiota and I' m 15 years old. My nickname is Dan, so please call me Dan. I love music and cinema. I' m interested in the 60' s and 70' s, so I like Punk, Rock 'n' Roll and Classic Rock. My favorite movies are Twilight, Requiem for a dream, The Boat that Rocked, Control, Harry Potter, etc. I like sports, especially football, although I don' t have much time to practice them. I play the piano and I try to play the trumpet. I wanna leave Greece and travel around the world. I don' t know what I want to study, but I think I' ll work and I' ll live in a boat with Rebecca. I wish I was born 60 years ago in America from hippie parents, rather than living in a place like Skiathos.

Curious and nice

I am curious and nice.
I like the gothic style.
I love going to rock or heavy metal concerts.
I hate homophobia.
I want to fly in the sky.
I am curious and nice.
I am cheeky.
I can' t draw.
I must realise my dreams.
I must not die.
I need to be with my friend.
I am curious and nice.
I' d like to travel in the world.
I dream of going to another world.
I remember dreaming of another world.
I feel good when it's holiday.
I worry about my future life.
I am curious and nice.

Different and emotional

I am different and emotional.
I like taking photos.
I love going to rock and heavy metal concerts.
I hate homophobia.
I want to leave France.
I am different and emotional.
I can sing all the time and everywhere.
I cannot be perfect.
I must tidy my room.
I must not show concern about the look of other persons.
I need to take care of the people I love.
I am different and emotional.
I' d like to live in Canada or Japan.
I try to have good marks in maths.
I worry about my friends.
I dream to become a professional photographer.
I feel happy when I go shopping with my friend.
I am different and emotional.

Merry and polite

I am merry and polite.
I like travelling in the world.
I love Portugal.
I hate rap music.
I want to be an actor.
I am merry and polite.
I can understand Portuguese.
I cannot play tennis.
I must have a good holiday.
I must not have a dog.
I need to watch tv everyday.
I am merry and polite.
I' d like to visit the U.S.A.
I believe in holidays spent in Portugal.
I feel happiness when I listen to music.
I dream of a perfect world.
I worry about my family.
I am merry and polite.