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   Fairydusted Tales
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                         Skiathos Junior High School, Greece.
                          Gymnazium Cheb, The Czech Republic.
                          Lycee Marguerite Yourcenar, France.
                         Scoala cu Clasele I-VIII Traian, Romania.

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Group 5
Cyril, Christian, Ludovic, Victoria, Alice, Elizabeth

Cyril, Christian,Ludovic
Our group:

If we could make 3 wishes: we wish we could become rich, be famous and be powerful.
If we ruled the world for one day, we would burn all the schools!
Our favourite film is Requiem for a Dream.
Our group in 5 words: Cool, Lazy, Funny, Beautiful, Happy.
If we could have lunch with a famous person it would be Angelina Jolie because she is beautiful.

..I' m Elizabeth,! I' m 15 and I live in Greece, Skiathos.!=D
About me..huh??
...I Love rock, punk, metal music!=D
My favorite bands are: AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Sex Pistols, Pink Floyd, Muse...etc.!!
I love reading mangas and watching anime! =D favourites: Naruto, Death Note, Zombie Loan, Hellsing.. etc.!
I also like drawing mangas
..and writing fairytales.!
Hmm...what else?...I spend most of my time in front of my computer
..I have lots of friends, but 7 best friends.!=]
My nickname is: Majica de spell....!
...Iím a member of the local band.! I play the saxophone.=D
I loved the film Avatar, Rec, Disturbia, The Boat That Rocked
...Thatís all folks.!

I' m Victoria! I' m 14.5(the youngest of the three:P)and I live on a Greek island Skiathos
Well, about me,
Um..I love listening to music (all but I mostly listen to metal, punk and rock
I also like spending time with my friends doing anything you imagine:D
Umm...I also spend a lot of time in front of my computer listening to music, browsing all kinds of stuff and watching favorite is "One Piece"
I love athletics, especially running, and water-skiing!
Amm...what else...:/
Ahh my nickname is Emily Rose and many friends of mine call me by that name:D
Well...thatís about it!

My name is Alice. I am 15 years old. I live in Skiathos which is a Greek island. I really want to get away from here. My nickname is Taz.I don't know exactly why, though.I have many friends but my team consists of seven people :D.We are very good friends(I think)..emm..I like listening to music. My favourite kind of music is Rock and Metal.
I like many bands. I love the summer in Skiathos. My favourite film is Across the Universe and Requiem for a dream..:D
I love to spend my time with my friends and surf on the Internet:P.
I also watch anime..for example I love Naruto and One Piece.
Thats all...If you want to learn something else ask me..:)

Lazy and cool

I am lazy and cool.
II like sleeping.
I love girls.
I hate morning.
I want my bed.
I am lazy and cool.
II can sleep quietly.
I cannot fly.
I must finish my studies.
I like watching birds fly.
I like listening to music.
I am lazy and cool.
I'd like to visit the Antarctic.
I love holidays.
I feel moved when I listen to music.
I dream of a good world.
I worry about spiders.
I am lazy and cool.

Nice and funny

I am nice and funny.
I like my friends.
I love basket-ball.
I hate classical music.
I want to have a good job.
I am nice and funny.
I can speak Portuguese easily.
I cannot dance ballet.
I must finish my studies.
I must do my homework.
I need to Watch TV at night.
I am nice and funny.
I believe in god.
I would like to visit the United States.
I want to fly.
I try to be more intelligent.
I like drawing.
I am nice and funny.