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                         Skiathos Junior High School, Greece.
                          Gymnazium Cheb, The Czech Republic.
                          Lycee Marguerite Yourcenar, France.
                         Scoala cu Clasele I-VIII Traian, Romania.

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Skiathos is one of the most famous islands in Greece and attracts thousands of visitors every year. It might be a rather small island with about 5000 people, but it is a really nice place to live in. In the city of Skiathos, the houses are built amphitheatrically one next to the other. It is a beautiful island with many mountains, dense vegetation, and a large number of sandy beaches with crystal clear waters!In fact,the island has got more than 60 beaches! The main town of the island is also charming with a nice architecture, a picturesque port, many orthodox churches and a large number of restaurants, bars and night clubs. Some of the places that you have to visit are the old port, the monastery of Evangelistria, the castle and many others that reflect the unique beauty of the island.

The Czech Republic

Cheb is a medium sized historical town in the Czech Republic. There are wonderful churches, narrow medieval streets, a castle from the period of the 12th century,a square with the famous "Spalicek" (a complex of buildings from the 13th century), wonderful parks, a theatre, two dams and many more historical and natural sights to see.


Morangis is a little town with 6.500 inhabitants. This city is about 17.5 km from Paris. It' s a nice and quiet place to sleep, eat, or spend your free time. To travel, you should take the bus or your car. You can also go in the subway and take a RER train. Morangis is well situated, 5 kilometers to Paris-Orly airport and 15 kilometers to Paris to the North, Euro Disney is a similar distance to the East, and the countryside to the south of the town.

Paray-Vieille-Poste is a little town situated approximately ten kilometers from Paris the capital of France. Situated next to Orly airport and Juvisy railway station, the town benefits a very good position. Ideal for globetrotters or businessmen. With seven thousand and two hundred inhabitants Paray-Vieille-Poste is the city where you must live if you have a family and you would like to have peace and serenity at home. It' s the most beautiful town thanks to its flowers and trees, that' s why Paray wins every year the competition of "City Full of Flowers". In Paray, the younger and the older can do many different activities. The town has a center in the mountains Les Mélèzes where children can go on holidays. In this center children and adults can sleep, eat, and do activities like camping and hiking in summer or skiing in winter. For the elderly people, Paray organizes trips and dinners. It' s good because thanks to that they aren' t alone and they can have a good time.

Chilly-Mazarin is next to Morangis, in the suburbs of Paris. It' s a small but nice town; a town to have fun, grow-up, work. There are 18 000 inhabitants. The city center is big but the oldest part, that is located next to the park and the church, is listed as an ancient monument. In the city center there is a big library, lots of bus stops and a railway station. Chilly Mazarin has kept a heritage. Three castles succeeded one another in the city. There remains only the third one. It was constructed between 1627 and 1632 by Metezeau. You could also visit the church Saint-Etienne. You can visit the mills of Saint-Elois. You shouldn' t miss the Guingettes festival. There is also an MJC (a place where there are activities: dance, painting, drawing, music lessons and more) for the people of the city; in this place, there are dance shows and music concerts. Finally, there is a riding center that is called "L'Etrier Chiroquois".

Savigny-sur-Orge is 17km from Paris and it is next to Orly airport. In Savigny there is a big stadium. The Sainte Thérèse church is next the primary school. There is a good restaurant, a big cinema and a train station. There is also a nice park and a youth centre.

Athis-Mons is a French town which is located south of Paris, in the département of Essonne, region of the Ile de France. Its inhabitants are called Athégiens and Athégiennes.


The city of Bacau is situated in the historical region of Moldavia, at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, and on the Bistrita River. The Ghimes Pass links Bacau to Transylvania. Bacau is the biggest city in the region of Moldavia and it is about 300 km North of Bucharest.
Bacau has a public university and several colleges. Two major Romanian poets, George Bacovia and Vasile Alecsandri were born there. The "Mihail Jora" Athenaeum and a Philharmonic Orchestra are located there, as well as the "G. Bacovia" Dramatic Theater and a Puppet Theater.
Bacau is also the ideal city for sightseeing. There, you can find the biggest Catholic Cathedral in Eastern Europe, the statue of Stefan the Great, the Recreation Park of Bacau, the Bacau Library and many other interesting monuments and sites that make the city of Bacau an interesting place to visit.