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From the capital, the Myrjna, the urban centre of proistoric season, as the Moydros, the historical harbour and the Kaminia with the Polichni and the monastery Saint Sozos, meet no one graphic creeks, extensive plains, pine hills, traditional villages with stone houses, rows of trees in the streets and gardens. In all the length of coasts of Limnos that reaches globally the 260 kilometres they take shape small and big

harbours and santy beaches. Her two bigger gulves are the gulf of Moydros in the south and Mpoyrnja in the north. Her landscapes are characterized by the soft lines of hills and the fertile plains. Her taller top is the Viewpoint with height 430 metres from the surface of sea. In the Eastern side of island exist two lakes, the Saltmarsh and the Hortarolimni with aquatic birds and ecological interest.

The Riha nera Waters the most secular beach of Myrinas, is found becides in the impressive group Coast Myrjna near in the Romeikos gialos. In this beach you will meet all ages. For those who they relax with the exercise the Riha Waters they allocate variety from marinely spor but also two bars of beach for those who they prefer they relax pj'nontas a coffee or ouzo above in the wave.
The Aylonas is the first gulf immediately afterwards the Riha Waters in the street to the Kaspaka. For somebody that wants it avoids the world of Myrjna it is a ideal santy i beach with marinely spor, bar of beach and spor for the children.

Finally, this gulf you will impress with the two volcanic islets that dominate imposingly also the luxurus hotel, Porto myrina palace that is built and is found above in the Aylona.One still enough known beach of Limnos near in the village Konia is the Nevgatis or Zemata's. It is a completely equipped santy beach with light blue waters that her length reaches the two kilometres. There apart from marine spor you will find also a good tavern in order to you have lunch. Outside from the Moydro exist the beaches Havoyli, Sagrida and Fanaraki, and the three have splendid sandy beaches. The Fanaraki is most popular There will find summer snak bar and volley! . In the gulf of Mpoyrnja's you can enjoy the shallows waters of beach of Kotsjna. It is the
busiest beach of region, suitable for children.

Thereexist tavern, Pizzeria, and the church of Zoodohoy Source. Becides from the entry exist steps that goes down no one in order to takes holy water . Outside in the door of the church exists the statue of Maroylas. The splendid sandy beach of Thanos , with blue waters, is the most popular beach of region. In the end of gulf it can see no volcanic rock of region. There exist taverns and rented rooms.
The village Plati is developed in a very known tourist region. This beach with the more beautiful sandy beach assembles a lot of world. There you will find to deal with marinely spor. Exist taverns and bar. It is very near in the Myrjna.

Generally Limnos has very a lot of beaches with sand as well as innumerable with gravel fat or thin. I believe that it will thank also the most exigent visitor.


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