"Λήμνος γαιάων πολύ φιλτάτη απασέων"
 Last update 20-4-2020

Limnos the most friendly land of all lands.

The above expression, Homer the ancient Greek poet, putted in Hephaestus mouth. With this words Hephaestus wanted to show his appreciation and gratitude to the people of Limnos for their sympathy and hospitality. Hephaestus, arrived to the limnos island,when he was driven away from mount Olympus.
Hephaestus establish himself in the island and he is working there ever since, in his underground work shops,because as we all know, he was the god of fire and skills, of the ancient Greeks.
Even today, if you lay down and put your ear in the ground, perhaps you might be able to hear Hephaestus hammering in his underground anvil.

Map of Lemnos Kaveria-Hefaistia(ancient places) The Atsiki The Dafni The Plati The Thanos Mirina-Capital of the island Aggariones Livadohori Kallithea Karpasi Katalakko Kaspakas Kornos Kontias Varos Moudros Pedino Lyhna Nea Koytali Portiano Propoyli Romano Agia Sofia SKANDALI Kontopouli Sardes Agios Dimitrios Panagia Plaka Fisini Kalliopi Kaminia Repanidi Roussopouli Tsimadria
Lemnos in the Aegean Sea