The ARCHAEOLOGICAL footpath from the Mycenaean period in the Classical age



  Next to the public road Pteleos - Saint Theodore at kilometer point 8,6 from high school Grammatikeio Pteleos, Magnesia Greese location, excavated in 1950 (f1 - f2) by archaeologist Nicholas M. Verdelis the expense of the Archaeological Society of Athens vaulted ( tholos ) Mycenaean tomb.
The tholos tomb Ε is located on a hill which appears to be intact.
The road (dromos)  of the tomb is almost intact, too and  is oriented to the east and departs from the horizontal axis of the tholos.
It is 4.75m long, 1.54 wide and it narrows at the front of the entrance of the tholos where it gets 1.05 m wide.
It is constructed with rough stones and it is 2 m high.
The orifice of the tholos is 1.15m high.
The width of road (dromos)  is 0.84m near the floor of the tholos and it is reduced to 0.57 m at the lintel.
The lintel consists of three slabs with total length of 1.30m.
The tholos has a diameter of 3.54 m and it is made of small oblong stones.
It is preserved at a height of 3m. From the vertical axis of the tholos as well as the curvature of the walls we can estimate that the original height reached 3.50 m.
On the floor at the front of the entrance we can observe a large pit that contains bones of five human skeletons ......

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