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After our activities, pupils will:
  • Understand through experiment the way roots support the plants.
  • Understand through experiment soil’s additional and auxiliary role on plant’s support and the interactive relation between roots and soil.
  • Conclude and rate from the above, forest’s importance on soil’s support and protection from flood.
  • Acquire awareness of the danger our planet is going through and realize that every living object deserves our respect and protection.
  • Learn to work in groups and understand that team work is more effective as they develop communication skills and sociability.
  • Improve their I.C.T. skills and performance.


We followed the project procedure.
  • Initial observation
  • Make hypothesis
  • Information and material gathering
  • Identify variables
  • Design experiments to test our hypothesis
  • Do the experiments and record data
  • Summarize results
  • Draw conclusions
  • Communicate our results