AT-AT walker

Plastic model from MPC/Ertl
Scale 1/100

The AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) walkers are among the biggest and most important weapons that the Empire uses for ground assaults. We saw them in full action during the battle in the ice world of Hoth in Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back, and they represent the last step in the development of a series of vehicles that "walk" on the ground. They have two heavy and two medium laser cannons on the head - cockpit and the main body can carry up to 40 ground troops and 5 ground speeders.
The model is quite detailed. The head can move in all directions thanks to a piece of rubber inside it. There is also movement for all legs and the front ones have some more articulation points. The model needs some painting and glue is required to assemble it. Also included are two laser towers and two snowspeeders for those who would like to recreate a scene from the battle of Hoth.

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Copyright 2004-2007,  Chris Makrozahopoulos.