Darth Vader's TIE Fighter

Plastic model from MPC/Ertl
Scale 1/32

This ship belongs to the wide family of the Empire's TIE Fighters. It is a specially modified prototype that was used by Darth Vader and is officially known as the TIE Advanced X1 prototype. It is technically superior to all the common TIE Fighters and it is the only TIE that has a hyperdrive for traveling in hyperspace. Thanks to this, it is totally autonomous and does not need to be carried inside the capital ships of the Empire.
The model is one of the best in the Star Wars series because it's very big and detailed. There is a sitting figure of Darth Vader in the cockpit and you can see inside through the opening hatch on the top.

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Copyright 2004-2007,  Chris Makrozahopoulos