Speeder bike

Plastic model from MPC/Ertl
Scale 1/10

Speeder bikes are one-man "bikes" that fly close to the ground. The most common and popular is the imperial "74-Z Speeder Bike" that we see in the chase scenes and the battle of Endor on Episode 6: Return of the Jedi. This light military speeder has a blaster cannon to the front and can speed up to 500 kilometers per hour. The driver controls its elevation and direction with the two handgrips and uses the pedals to handle acceleration.
This is one of the best Star Wars models. It is pretty big, contains 70 different parts and is very detailed as can be seen on the following photos. Glue is definitely required, along with some painting - I used white, black, grey, red (mixed or not with other colours), silver and some yellow mixes. This is maybe the best model I've done so far.

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Copyright 2004-2007,  Chris Makrozahopoulos