AT-ST walker

Plastic model from MPC/Ertl
Scale 1/54

The AT-ST is the smallest walker vehicle that the Empire uses - the huge AT-AT belongs to the same category. We saw it in action during the battle of Endor in Episode 6: Return of the Jedi and it's main use is to support ground troops, especially when space is limited and bigger walkers like AT-AT can't be used. Its crew consists of a driver and a gunman who enter from a hatch to the top. The AT-ST is relatively fast and has weapons both on the front (twin cannons) and it's two sides. It's about 8,5 meters tall.
This model is very simple and does not require any glue, although I used some. I also did a little painting to enhance same parts and add a little rust. The top of the vehicle (the "head") rotates and the hatch to the top opens. An easy to build and beautiful model.

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Copyright 2004-2007,  Chris Makrozahopoulos