The film ?Hyper-Reality? Is a Psychedelic Glimpse of Our Future on Digital Overload




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Read the text here:


Well, personally, I think this text is pretty hard, maybe too difficult for the university entrance exam, in terms of background knowledge, but still, rather interesting!

A1. Answer questions 1-3 based on the text above (up to 20 words each).

12 points - 3 * 4


1. What is the main point of the text?

2. Whaτ are ?reality channels? according to Robert Anton Wilson?

3. Why would thinking about digital worlds be useful? Justify your response.


A2. Choose the correct answer (a,b, or C) for items 4-9 below.

18 points - 6 * 3


4. Keiichi Matsuda?s film shows how

  1. Our life will be controlled by gadgets

  2. Our life will be made easier by gadgets

  3. Our life will be filled with gadgets

5. Hyper-reality will

  1. be an option to help us better understand the world

  2. Hinder a clear view of the world

  3. be indispensable if we really want to interpret the world

6. What will help us use the new technology wisely?

  1. Enjoying it

  2. Avoiding technology altogether

  3. Learning about it

7. What does Robert Wilson believe about ?reality channels??

  1. That they are imposed upon us.

  2. That we make them ourselves.

  3. That they have always existed without us.

8 .  What advice does Robert Wilson gives to people who make hopeless reality channels?

  1. They should stop making them.

  2. They should understand others more.

  3. They should enjoy being miserable.

9.  How can we help people who  make hopeless reality channels?

  1. By joining their gloomy world.

  2. By asking them to avoid such worlds.

  3. By enjoying our own reality channels

extra meterial

You may want to


Watch the Video

by Keiichi Matsuda |

[more at]

Hyper-Reality presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media.  


Solve the quiz with words from the ?Hyper-Reality? text


read the article

and ponder whether you have also become a ?digital junkie?, whose attention is being distracted by ubiquitous  e-demons!


Emmanuel Ninos
BA English & Greek, Dip RSA TEFL, MA Ed.