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It is in the south west of the municipality and it has got the acropolis of the ancient Samico  overlooking the village. It is 4.5 km away from Krestena, 1 km away from the sea and it has 535 residents.




THE AKROPOLIS OF SAMIKO is 2 km away from the village and it is located on the last foot of the Lapithas mt. It has an altitude of 200 metres. The walls, which have a perimeter of 1600 m, enclose an almost triangular sloping area. They have been built with huge cubic or polygonic limestones.  The thickness of the stones is 2 metres and in some places they reach a height of 5 metres. Three small gates are really impressive because they are preserved in one piece. Their construction is believed to have been  between the fourth and fifth century, however they were repaired and used as a base for an attack by the General of the achaian Federation, Polysperchonta, against Arcadians. There are several ruins in the wide area which are identified with the ancient towns of Arini, Makistos and Samia (which is described by Pausanias). Inside the Acropolis we can see lots of groundworks of buildings as well as a building with signs of painting.


THE REMAINS OF A TURKISH TOWER, not far away from the ruins of the acropolis, on a hill. It was built by Ibrahim Pasas in 1826. .


IARDANOS TOMB which was found in an area called "Klidi (=key)  was dug up in 1954 and it contained 16 graves. Lots of important things have been found there. They are kept in room 1 in the museum of Olympia. The tomb belongs to the legendary hero Iardanos (according to the description of Stravonas). Near the tomb there are the ruins of the altar of "Samios Poseidon".


VALANIO The ruins of a byzantine bath which is located in "fragoklisia " near the banks of a small stream.


THE BEAUTIFUL FOREST CALLED STROFILIA. The pine trees, which are on the beach create a wonderful scenery which rarely can be found anywhere else.


THE ENVIRONMENTAL PARK  «FARMA ΝΟΕ» of Mr Jonh Kontonis was founded in 2000, it is a farm where the visitor can see beautiful animals such as deers ,wild boars, lamas ,peacocks, parrots, swans, ostriches etc ((2625071220)


SWIMMING: The beautiful sandy beach is only 1 Km  away from the village.


FOOD: Restaurant  «ΑΚRΟULΑ» (2625071218, Restaurant  «GIARDINO» (2625071219,  «ΜΑRY» (2625071377.

USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS:Surgery of the district (2625071222.




Kato Samiko





The walls of acropolis




Iardanos tomb




Prohous of the tomb









The environmental Park





The environmental Park