adapted from Wright's book  pp. 40-42

Aims: to practise wordbuilding - derivatives - affixation - dictionary use
Time: 20 minutes
worksheet 1    [unit 1   pp. 8-9 "Opening night" vocabulary items]
worksheet 2    [unit 5   pp. 64-65 "Roswell" vocabulary items]
a printed dictionary,

android app Merriam-Webster


1. elicit / explain derivative - suffix - prefix - ending
2. give out worksheet
Ss complete it without using a dictionary
3. homework complete the ones they couldn't find using a printed or electronic dictionary or app or even google search
4.  next lesson check the answers

Jones, L. (2013). Take Off! B2. Athens: Hillside Press
Wright, J. (1998). Dictionaries. Oxford: OUP