Merriam-Webster Learner?s Dictionary for the ECCE / ECPE exams

[try the word ?hood?]

Macmillan Dictionary, particularly  for phrasal verbs

[try the phrasal verb ?set up?]

Collins American English Dictionary

also  for phrasal verbs

[try the phrasal verb ?wise up?]

Oxford Collocation Dictionary, for fixed expressions or words that commonly co-occur

[try the word ?prerequisite?]

COCA Corpus of Contemporary American English, how words are actually used

[try the word ?access?

the free dictionary for AmE / BrE pronunciations

[try the word ?iron? & ?entrepreneur?] for think maps

[try the word ?wiener?]

Online Etymology Dictionary for explanations of what English words meant

[try the word ?cretin? and you?ll be surprised when you see which word it?s derived from]

KDictionaries [Random House Websters] for quick translations of a specific English word into more than 40 languages, including Greek

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Merriam-Webster Collegiate for difficult explanations and encyclopedic articles

try the word ?ant?

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