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Dr Spyros Papadakis

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Dr. Spyros Papadakis     

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Biographical Notes

Dr.  Spyros Papadakis 

Organizational Coordinator, Regional Centre for Educational Planning in Western Greece

Educational Coordinator, Computer Science, Western Greece

Adjunct Researcher, Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus" (CTI)

Adjunct Professor, Open University of Cyprus (OUC)

Adjunct Professor, Hellenic Open University (HOU)

Research Interests

According to the ACM Computing Classification System (1998) []:

-          K. Computing Milieux. K.3 Computers and Education, K3.1 Computer Uses in Education (Distance Learning) 

-          A deep understanding of how people interact, collaborate, work, and learn as a foundation for the design of novel e-learning, mobile learning and the Internet of things in education

Information and Communication Technologies in Education and in particular

-          Collaborative learning, online learning communities

-        Distance learning technology and methodology

-       Educational Software, Learning design, the design of computer-enhanced curricula, the design and evaluation of web based learning technologies,

-          Adult education, teachers training, teaching and learning in virtual and blended learning environments.


He holds a PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems from the School of Science and Technology (HOU), a Master in Adult Education (HOU), a Postgraduate Certificate in Open and Distance Education (HOU) and a Bachelor in Mathematics from the University of Patras, Greece.
His PHD dissertation titled “Online educational resource development: supporting the educator”.


His currently scientific publications (citations via Google Scholar) are 55 papers with over 198+ citations (by other researchers) published:

-          19 papers in international journals  

-          6 papers in Greek refereed journals 

-          36 papers in fully refereed international conferences

-          3 chapters in Greek & 1 chapters in English books


  • My Books (in Greek)67 papers in National refereed conferences
  • 10 books (Author co-author - among them “Basic skills in ICT” for all (134.000) Teachers' Training in Greece).

Academic Experience
He has extensive teaching experience as teacher and lecturer in the schools sector teaching Computer Science and Adult Education from secondary to professional development.

-          More than 4 years  of distance teaching of graduate courses (‘Thematic Units’):     Distance Education’ in the Master’s program in Education”, Hellenic Open University (HOU).‘Educational Technology’ in the Master’s program “Information and Communications Systems, Open University of Cyprus (OUC). Distance Learning – Technologies and Methodologies” in the Master’s program “Information and Communications Systems, Open University of Cyprus (OUC),

-    Supervision of over 2 undergraduate and 28 MS theses at OUC and HOU

Research & Development Project Participation

CTI & Press DeophantusHe has participated in over 10 research and development projects (TRENDS, ODYSSEAS, First Level ICT Teacher’s, Second Level ICT Teacher’s Training TICTC, REVIT, OBELFA, LEVIS,  UMI-Sci-Ed.) in the area of educational and Emerging Technologies for Learning.

Spyros is member of editorial board of "The Jurnal of Teaching English with Technology (TEwT)". He serves as a reviewer for journals (including  Computers & Education,  The International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools , The Journal for Open and Distance Education and Education Technology) and  conferences.

He is passionate in teaching and enjoys sharing learning resources and collaborating with others. Spyros is the coordinator of  the Greek Educator LAMS Community

Spyros lives in Patras*, Greece. He likes to play the harmonica, chess and tennis.

* Patras is the capital city of the Region of Western Greece and the Perfecture of Achaia. This region covers the north-west part of Peloponnese and the west-part of the mainland (Central Greece).  Patras with a population of around a quarter of a million is the third largest city in Greece (after Athens the capital of Greece and the Thessaloniki in the north  of Greece). Patras (the gate to Italy and Europe by Ferry-boat), exists within and the proximity of very importan monuments, most notably Ancient Olympia, Delfi, Epidaurus and Mycenae makes it especially attractive. It is also known national and international for Patras Carnival at the end of February. 

Dr. Spyros Papadakis
E-mail: papspyr[at]gmail[dot]gr

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  • Educational Technology and ICT Applications in Education
  • Emerging Technologies for Learning
  • E-Learning and Learning Design
  • Open and Distance Education  
  • Adult Education and Teacher Trainning
  • Didactics of Informatics

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Journals on Education Technology and E-Learning
  • Computers & Education
  • IEEE Transactions on Education
  • British Journal of Educational Technology
  • Educational Technology & Society
  • Australasian Journal of Educational Technology (AJET)
  • Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
  • Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (JEMH)
  • Educational Technology & Society
  • Interacting with Computers
  • Learning, Media & Technology
  • Journal on Educational Resources in Computing (JERIC)
  • Journal of Educational Technology & Society (JETS)
  • Educational Technology Research & Development
  • International Journal of Technology and Design Education
  • Education and Information Technologies
  • Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE)
  • Journal of Advanced Technology for Learning (ATL)
  • Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology (CJLT)
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Transactions on Information Systems
  • The Journal of the Learning Sciences
  • Interactive Technology and Smart Education 
  • Teaching English with Technology (TEwT)
  • International Journal on E-Learning
  • Interdisiplianary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects
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