One hundred and forty-three (143) papers: Fifty-five (55) in International and Sixty-eight (68) in Greek scientific journals and conferences and after a “blind” crisis.

More specifically,
A. nineteen (19) published International Scientific Magazines,
B. thirty-five (36) in International Scientific Conferences,
C. six (6) in Greek scientific journals, and
D. sixty three (63) in Panhellenic Scientific Conferences with International participation / National scientific conferences.

In addition, ten (10) Books, three (3) Chapters in Collective Volumes (Greek), one (1) Chapter in International Collective Volume (English).

These do not include other forty (40) papers, invited presentations & technical reports without judgment which are mentioned separately.

According to international practice, the authors of the publications have been listed in a contributory order. In cases where the authors had an equivalent contribution, an alphabetical order is used.